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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Party -2yr- Piglet's PPPretzels




Nachole in Somerset PA USA


March 2008


Honorable Mention

For my sons second birthday we knew the the theme was going to be Winnie the Pooh, because he loves him. 

I started by coming on this sight to get some ideas.  I ended up using some of them and also many of my own.  I started with the invitations.  I made them on my computer.  The front read Ian is turning 2 and would like to celebrate with you and winnie the pooh.  There was a pictrure of Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet holding hands in a circle and Eeyore with balloons around him that made him look like he was floating away.  The inside had all the info and a picture of my son holding his favorite winnie the pooh stuffed animail.  

For the decorations I bought the tablecloth, plates, banner, center piece, and cups at Party City.  I also made honey bees (egg carton cups hot glued together and painted yellow with black stripes, pipe cleaner stinger and antena. For the wings I took  wire and shaped it and then glued pieces of a plastic bag to the wire and then HOT glued it to the bee) I hung them from the celling using fishing line. I also painted empty formula containers to look like honey pots and had them on a shelf tipped over with a yellow table cloth to look like the honey was spilling out. I used my kids stuffed poohs for decorations also.  I had them around the party area.

For the kids table I had a winnie the pooh table cloth, winnie the pooh plates, winnie the pooh plastic cups(that each kid got to take home) a winnie the pooh center piece, yellow silverware, and honey pots filled with winnie the pooh fruit snacks for each child.  The honey pots were empty baby food jars that I painted brown and  I wrote Hunny on each jar. I also had yellow paint at the top of the jar to look like honey dripping. I also hung a winnie the pooh Happy Birthday sign behind the table and tied ballons with Poohs face on them on the back of each kids chair.  Exept the birthday boy had a mylar balloon with Pooh, Tigger and Piglet tied on his chair.  When the guests started to arrive I had the kids color felt pictures of Pooh and a hunny pot(dollar store) until everyone arrived. 

Once everyone arrived we ate lunch.  We had Rabbits Garden(veggies with dip) Eeyores Rainclouds(blue jello in clear cups with cool whip on top) Piglets PPPretzels(I put them in a clean baby food container painted like a honey pot)and Tiggerific Tacos.  I used a edable marker(used on cookies) to make orange and black stripes on the taco shells.  After lunch we played find the ballons. 

I made balloons out of different colored paper and tied a pice of strig to each one.  I alo put winnie the pooh charactors on the balloons.  I hid the ballons around the house and whoever found the most won a prize.  The prizes were Tigger silly puddy, Pooh paddle with ball, Eeyore yo-yo, and Tigger jump rope. (Dollar store) Next we played toss the bees into Pooh's Hunny Pot.  (I bought this game at Party City) Whoever got the most in won.

Finally we played Carrot Bowling.  (I bought a carrot bowling set after easter) Whoever knocked the most carrots down won a prize. The kids loved this game.  They ended up playing it several times just for fun. After games my son opened his gifts and we had cake and icecream.  I made the cake using a Pooh shaped cake pan and decorated it to look like Pooh. 

Finally I gave each child there favor bags.  Each kid got a Pooh whistle, Pooh stickers, Pooh crayon, pooh activity sheet, Pooh playing cards, Pooh slinkie, Pooh blow out,(party city) and a chocolate lollypop shaped like the Winnie The Pooh characters.  I made the lolliepops from a mold I won off of ebay.  Over all this party was a success and everyone had fun including the adults.

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