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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Party -2yr- 100 Acre Forest




Mia in Colorado Springs, CO USA


January 2008


Honorable Mention

About 6 months before her birthday, I asked my daughter what theme she wanted and she said, Winnie the Pooh!  I had to start early since her birthday is 2 January and I knew we'd be busy with the holidays.  I ordered a lot of the decorations and supplies online from Birthday Direct.  Their prices were great and they offer free shipping for orders over $55!  I ordered Pooh invitations, thank you notes, plates, napkins, a table cover, and other decorations from them.  Since the party was in January in Colorado, we had to have it indoors, but we have a huge play area for our daughter downstairs so I knew the kids would have fun.  We only had about 10 children and 15 adults.  Only one child was over the age of 3 (she was 12 and helped out a lot) so I didn't plan any games. 

I made a sign for the door with a picture of Pooh in the 100 Acre Forest that I downloaded.  The sign said, Welcome to Taylor's 2nd birthday party in the 100 Acre Forest!  I put a Pooh table cover on the dining room table and had the goodie bags laid out. 

For the goodie bags, I bought a pack of 12 red paper bags from Party America and printed out labels for each one.  It had a picture of Pooh with a party hat on his head and said, Taylor turned 2 and she wanted to celebrate with _____(NAME) and Winnie-the-Pooh!  Inside each bag there was a Pooh mini-frisbee (bought in packs of 3), Pooh crayons, and a pack of Teddy Grahams. 

Next to each bag I placed a Pooh placemat and Pooh coloring book.  I bought everything from our local dollar store.  The kids also had a balloon with a picture of a Pooh character on it with a glo-stick attached to the end.  The kids loved the glo-sticks and so did the parents!  It kept the balloon from flying away!  We bought the balloons from Birthday Direct and had them blown up with helium at the dollar store. 

For decorations, we had a large Pooh door banner with Pooh's face cut out.  The kids took pictures with their heads where Pooh's face would be.  I plan to put those in the thank you notes.  We also put Pooh streamers on the banisters and poles and put up a large Pooh birthday sign.  I also got Happy 2nd birthday balloons from Birthday Direct and put those up all over the house.  Finally, I placed a Pooh lego set (with Eeyore, Piglet, Pooh, and Tigger) on the table for the kids to play with.  I got the set on Ebay as they don't make the Pooh Legos anymore.  Or you can get Pooh Mega Bloks at the store. 

I cooked all the food and made little signs for each one with a picture of the character that I downloaded from the internet.  I made:  Poohs Pasta Salad,Christopher Robin's Chips, Tigger's Tiggeriffic Mac n Cheese, etc.  The 12 year old that came to the party loved them so much that she asked to take them home. 

Instead of getting a store-bought cake, which always seems to go to waste, I bought a cupcake stand from Joanns that would hold 24 cupcakes.  I decorated the cupcakes with white frosting and little colored sprinkles and on the top cupcake, I put the Pooh birthday candle.  I then made mini-cupcakes and frosted them with white frosting.  I spelled out HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY TAYLOR with icing lettering that I bought at Party America (one letter on each mini-cupcake).  The lettering was red so I decorated a mini-cupcake with red sprinkles to go in between each word.  I then took a 16-inch round party tray (you can buy these at Party America) and put the cupcakes around the edge (it fit about 26 of them) so that the lettering went around in a circle on the edge.  I put the cupcake stand in the middle.  Everyone loved this  the parents loved the mini-cupcakes since they were the perfect size for children. 

Everyone had a great time, especially my daughter!  Thank you for all the wonderful ideas on this site!

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