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Webkinz Party

Webkinz Party -9yr- Party Game Schedule




Beth in Opelika, Alabama, USA


April 2008


Special Mention

My daughter is crazy about Webkinz! So for her ninth birthday we waited a month so we could celebrate it with the National Webkinz Birthday Celebration.

For the invitations, I had a talented teenager draw some Webkinz characters on white paper. The characters included a cat (it will be purr-fect if you can come), a cow (this party will be moo-velous), a dog (we will have a dog-gone good time), and a monkey (swing over for some fun).    The invitation included all of the party information about date, time, and place. Additionally it told our guests to come and wag your tail and wiggle your ears as we celebrate Sarah's birthday. Arrive at Webkinz World and bring your favorite Webkinz animal. Some of the fun included in Webkinz World that day will include: Wheel of Wow at Bubba's Medicine Shop Chef Gazpacho's pizza, cake & other treats Crafts to make for your Webkinz Lots more fun and games  

For decorations, I enlarged the Webkinz characters onto large poster board. Each poster also included the event, time and directions that went with each character. 

5:00 -5:15  Pet Projects (everyone will make a collar and party hat for your pet with Ms. Birdy)

5:15-5:45  Let's Eat (Chef Gazpacho has created pizza, snacks, and cake)

5:45-6:30 - Wheel of Wow (Monkey and Monkey will direct us to Bubba's Medicine Shop)

6:30-6:45  Pet Health (Dr. Quack will conduct a barking contest and Frisbee throw)

6:45-7:00 House of Style (Guests and Webkinz will decorate either an outfit, a cape or a poncho then they will make a door hanger)

7:00-7:15  School is Cool (Students will compete a maze and word scramble puzzle with Booger)

7:30  Candy Bash (Poncho and the treat bag) 

As guests arrived, they signed in on a piece of paper with their username. This way Sarah can send each of them a thank you note through Webkinz Kinz Post. At our art station, we made collars and party hats for our Webkinz. To make the collars we strung decorative beads and alphabet name beads on elastic string. Then the girls the party hats by creating a cone shape out of construction paper to resemble a party hat. The cones were cut to scale according to their Webkinz. Then they decorated the hats with stickers, and foam shapes. Finally, they put elastic string so the hat would stay on their pet.  

Next it was time to eat. Chef Gazpacho created pizza, jungle juice, monkey mix (some people call it puppy chow), goldfish, Scooby-doo dog treats, and rabbit food. Although I teach cake decorating and could have made almost anything, my daughter wanted a plain circle cake with a big colorful W. I had wanted to take the Wilton Animal Crackers pan and create a character from the site. But I had to remind myself that it was her party and not mine.  

After we ate, Monkey and Monkey led us to a store that sells Webkinz in the neighborhood. Bubba's Medicine Shop was celebrating Webkinz and had an elaborate Wheel of Wow set up. We waited patiently for our turns and each girl walked away with a prize. We came home with a mouse pad, several free Webkinz, tons of playing cards, and a bunch of bookmarks. The prizes from the Wheel of Wow were really much better than any goody bag I have ever created. They were so excited about going to spin the wheel and cheered as we entered the parking lot. They said it was worth the wait in line.   Then we had Dr. Quack do some health activities including a barking contest to check for healthy lungs. While encouraging good health, we had a Frisbee throw where you had to hold onto your Webkinz while you caught the Frisbee.  

The girls really enjoyed the next station where we created clothes for our Webkinz. I had taken one of the Webkinz outfits and created a pattern. From the initial pattern, I made copies for each girl. The girls cut out their pattern and traced onto fleece. We used sticky Velcro tabs to secure the outfits. The girls could also choose to make ponchos according to the directions on the Webkinz site. They also had enough fleece to make capes that were also secured with the Velcro. While we were at the House of Style station, the girls also created door hangers. I created a door hanger template in Word. Then I added some pictures of Webkinz on the side. The girls got to cut out the pictures, glue them onto the door hanger and then write something on their door hanger.   Since I am a teacher, we had to do some school things. Booger from the site led us into some academic activities including a maze and scrambled word sheet. 

Finally, Poncho from Candy Bash had the treat bags. The cutest thing in the treat bags was some crock pot candy that is delicious but looks somewhat like poop. It came with a poem:  Here is the scoop. This is not Webkinz poop. Enjoy this yummy treat. It is delicious to eat.  In addition to the Webkinz poop, we had other candy, an animal keychain craft, adorable animal magnets, animal folders, and bookmarks that we made. The bookmarks were covered in contact paper and each had a picture of a Webkinz and a reading slogan.

The animals and their slogans included: Hop into a good book! (Frog) Reading is dog-gone fun! (Dog) Wild about reading! (Panda) Books make life more BEARable! (Bear) Reading a book is an eggceptional idea! (Bunny with an Easter basket full of eggs) Reading a good book is just purrfect! (Cat) Hang out with a good book! (Monkey)  Sarah sent a note and gifts through Webkinz Kinz Post after the party was over. Everyone had such a great time.

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