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Webkinz Party

Webkinz Party -8yr- Zingos Bat & Ball




Bess in Tucson, AZ, USA


April 2008


Special Mention

My daughter absolutely loves Webkinz when she asked for a Webkinz party to celebrate her birthday, I took the theme and ran.  We tried to replicate Webkinz World as much as possible. 

We created an invitation using Webkinz clip art I found on this website: http://www.webkinzclub.com/store/Default.asp and invited my daughter's friends into her Webkinz clubhouse.  We asked each girl to bring their Webkinz with them and if they didn't have one, they could bring their favorite stuffed animal.  The party was from 5-7; we served pizza for dinner and then had cake/ice cream. 

To welcome everyone, I made a sign to put on the outside of our front door that replicates the logo on Webkinz.com: Webkinz Come in and Play".  We made a sign that said "Dear ____: Thank you for coming to my birthday party".  We also set up a Kinz Care area on a smaller table we set out a washcloth toothbrush Q-tips and a thermometer.  The girls could bring their animal over there anytime throughout the party. 

We officially began the festivities by having each girl introduce their Webkinz (or other stuffed animal) to everyone else.  After that we gave each girl a ziploc bag with their name on it and explained the games.  We replicated six games that can be found in Webkinz world and did them 3 at a time in two shifts.  My husband ran one game I ran one game and my mom ran another game so we had three going simultaneously.  The girls could choose whatever game they wanted to start with then rotate around the others.  When everyone got a chance to do all three games we started the next round of three games. 

We created kinz cash in different amounts to give the girls whenever they played a game.  Later they would be able to use their kinz cash to "buy" things in the W Shop.  Those items would become the contents of their goody bags.  In the first round of games we did Wheel of Wow Zingoz bounce and Wishing Well. 

For Wheel of Wow I took a piece of poster board and made the wheel in different colors.  On the different spots I put different amounts of kinz cash as well as some other items we had in the W Shop like a pencil or eraser. 

For Zingoz Bounce we used a beach ball the girls had to use one hand and try to keep the ball up in the air for as many bounces as possible (this game was done outside in the backyard). 

For wishing well I bought square wooden pieces from Michael's and painted them different colors (12 in all).  I painted them three different colors and then drew different animals and fruits on them (like the real wishing well game).  Instead of a slot machine type game in Webkinz World the girls rolled the "dice" instead and tried to get matching combinations of animals or fruits.  If they got 2 of the same animal or fruit in the same color they earned 3 kinz cash; if 3 of the same they earned 5 kinz cash etc.  There were also two wishing wells so if they rolled one of those too they earned extra kinz cash.  Each girl got three rolls in their turn. 

For the second round of games we had Quizzy's Kinz Kids Trivia Quizzy's Word Challenge and Zingoz bat and ball.  For the trivia game I came up with about 60 different questions on different subjects (appropriate for 8 year olds)…I used a bunch of questions from the game in Webkinz world and came up with a bunch on my own.  The girls took turns answering the questions and for every correct answer they earned 3 kinz cash. 

For Quizzy's Word Challenge I made two different game boards based on the on-line game.  The girls got a piece of paper and pencil and had five minutes to write down as many words as possible.  We altered the rules a bit from how it is in Webkinz world we didn't distinguish between the inside and outside rows; we did give extra kinz cash if the center letter was the last letter of the word they formed. 

The last game is Zingoz bat/ball: we went out into the backyard my husband pitched the ball to each girl.  If it was hit to the edge of the grass they earned 3 kinz cash; past the grass earned 5 kinz cash; over the wall was 10 kinz cash.  Each girl got three swings.  When we finished all the games we had pizza and they were all eager to move onto the next activity which was the gem hunt.  I went to a fabric store and was able to buy gems of different colors and sizes in bulk for VERY cheap ($1 a bag for as many as I could fit into the bag a lot!).  We sprinkled them all around our backyard before the party started and then sent them on their way.  They had so much fun searching. 

We gave each girl a crown (ordered from Oriental Trading) to bring home with them so they could put their gems on a crown like they do in Webkinz world.  After the gem hunt we went shopping at the W Shop.  We had purchased things at the dollar store for the girls to "buy" with their kinz cash.  I set everything up in another room.  Of course every girl got one of everything so the amount of kinz cash they had really didn't matter (though I did make a price list just for fun).  We had packs of gum pencils gel pens small candy bars ring pops small stencils and Webkinz bookmarks (can be found in Hallmark stores or on-line at the webkinz club website). 

Additionally my daughter made cute little paper t-shirts the girls could get for their webkinz.  We punched two holes in each and put string through them so they could go around the Webkinz' neck.  One t-shirt said "Someone who loves me bought me this shirt from the W Shop"; the other one said "Hi my name is _________" (to be filled in).  After shopping at the W Shop we had cake and ice cream and sang/danced to Hannah Montana songs.  By that time parents were arriving to pick up their children.  This party while it was a bit time consuming to plan was SO much fun for all the children (and parents!).  Everyone had a fantastic time."

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