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Webkinz Party

Webkinz Party - Webkinz Coloring Books




Amanda in Hartford, Arkansas, USA


September 2008


Special Mention

My kids wanted a back to school party. And Webkinz were a major part of their summer with their friends, so we had a Webkinz Party".

I started with invitations where I scanned the back of a Webkinz trading card into my computer and using that at the top of some paper with a border around it I invited "All Party Animals" to the Webkinz party. I told about all the games we would be playing (which come from what they do on-line) and everyone would receive Kinzcash for the games. Everyone was to bring a Webkinz. We also gave a free T-shirt to all the Webkinz who came. (I ordered little blank white teddybear shirts on-line bought Iron-on paper at Wal-Mart and used the scanned trading card and ironed that on the shirt) They were a hit!!

Our first game was "Operation Gumball".  I took a Mason Jar filled it up with different size gum balls and they had to guess how many.  The one who was closest won the jar of gum.  The next thing was to divide the kids up into teams to play the next three games. (Winning team got 25 kinzcash and losing team got 10 kinzcash)

The first team game was "Dr. Quack" where I took a small table put 3 of their Webkinz on it and wrote down and taped beside each one what their illness was. (One was hit in the head with a basball one had fever and one fell down and got a scatch.) Each team had a picture I had copied of a bandaid bottle of medicine and an ice pack. They had to run to the table put the right thing needed at each Webkinz and then pick them up and bring it back to the next player.  The team that did it the fastest won.

The next game was "Webkinz Care". (I had four pails and two BIG sponges) Two were filled with water half way.  They were placed at each start of the teams lines.  The other two were empty and placed on down some feet away.  The challenge was to sponge up the water run it down to the empty pail squeeze it in and bring the sponge back so the next team mate could go.  The team to empty their bucket first won (or you could say filled the pail up the most). 

The last team game was "Lunch Letter".  I had those foam craft letters and I went through and spelled out some words. (2 Each- like Peas Milk Line ETC..) I typed the words and printed two copies and taped them to a table I then scrambled each set of letters beside the printed paper of words.  The rules were one person would run down and unscramble the words by placing them on the right letters on the paper when they were done they would run back and the next person in line would run down and do the same. (I had someone help by mixing the letters back up quickly while the person was running back).  The team to get done first won. 

The next event was "Arte's Gem Hunt" I took Plaster of Paris and some plastic animal shaped beads marbles & coins and formed them in the center of plaster shaped balls.  Don't forget to make some of them without anything in them for the "SLAG" ones. I made them sit in a circle and they got to choose 3 just like the real game. They each took a turn with a hammer and smashed opened their rocks to see if they found a Gems or Slag(It was the best part of the night).

We then went in and had cake (which I had a local baker draw the back of the trading card) and some snack foods.  We then played "Wheel of Wow" which my husband made of wood and the kids could win certain amounts of money and two spaces were Gak (which meant they got nothing). 

The last game of the night was "Candy Bash" I took colored paper plates and bowls  hot glued the bowls in the middle of the plate and hot glued a few pon-poms on the edges to make it look like a sumbrero.  The kids took one and held it on their heads. They all stood in a line and I stood in front of them facing the other way with a bowl full of candy and would throw a piece here and there and they were to catch it in their hat. They had a blast.  I then gave them goody sacks full of toys (No one had the same thing I used left over things from past birthday and holiday goody sacks).

They also took home a Webkinz coloring book I made by buying the Webkinz coloring book in the toys at the W-Shop. I just printed each page of the book not colored. I went to a make your own word search on-line and made a word search using Webkinz words and added it to the book and in the fun stuff to do in Webkinz they always have a Webkinz you can learn to draw and I printed that and put it in there too. 

For my cover page I used one of the print outs you can print in the calender trivia in Quizzy Corner on Webkinz(Those are great for other things too).  I didn't over decorate because most of my games I did outside. I did make a banner that said "Welcome to the Clubhouse" and had balloons around the floor.  I let the kids keep their kinzcash.

To make the cash I took some of the kids play money and made a copy of a $15 and $10 I cut out the person in the middle then I copied 3 animals from the trading cards palced them in the circle and copied a bunch of them and cut it out. They look cute! The kids had a blast and some have asked me  when the next Webkinz party is!  I even thought at one time to make a W-shop area and let them buy things with their kinzcash from the stuff I put in the goody sacks but I just ran out of time and space."

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