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Webkinz Party

Webkinz Party -5yr- Wishing Well Cake




Susan in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


November 2010


Honorable Mention

My daughter loves playing on Webkinz World so we thought it would be fun to throw a webkinz party.

The invitations stated that there was going to be a Webkinz Extravaganza.  I made the invites using my colour printer and cardstock.  I copied a picture of webkinz animals for the top.  We had 10 children in total.  When the children arrived, we did the

CRAFT: we had them paint their wooden jewellery boxes with glitter paint.  We let them dry.  In the meantime, we played games with them.

1. We sat in a circle and had each child introduce their webkinz' name, type of animal and describe it's virtual room.  They loved talking about their pets! At this point, we took a group photo.  

2. We handed out 5 tickets to each child for them to play the games with.  We played the Wheel of Wow.  My husband made a spinning wheel out of MDF wood attached to a lazy Susan.  We painted the wheel to look like the actual wheel, using glitter paint.  I stuck on foam letters to each section, spelling WIN PRIZE".  

Whatever letter they landed on they went to the corresponding prize basket and retrieved a prize. My son dressed in his clown costume and pretended to be the carnival master as he controlled the wheel. They each had 3 spins and gave the carnival master their ticket for each spin. This was a big hit!!!

3. Then we played Curio Shop.  I wrapped a cardboard box in wrapping paper.  On the top I stuck on a sign that said Curio Shop.  I also stuck on 5 different coloured self-adhesive gems purchased from the dollar store.  Under each gem I played its name i.e. green emerald starlight shimmer purple diamond etc.  

Inside the box the child had to open up the plastic easter eggs until they found all 5 gem colours.  I had 2 children play this game at the same time in order to move it along faster.  The children then placed their 5 gems inside their painted jewelry boxes. 

We then took a meal break and served pizza juice and chocolate-covered strawberries and vegetables.  

4.  Then we all went outside to play webkinz Candy Bash which was a rainbow pinata. They all  yelled "We want candy!  We want candy!"  They each had their 3 turns swinging at the pinata.  After they collected their candy they ran around outside for a little while.  We came back inside for cake.  

CAKE:  We made a Wishing Well cake which was so easy but so amazing! I found the recipe online.  It was a 9 inch round cake covered in blue icing for the top and white icing around the side.  Alternating colour of AirHead candy strips were placed along the side of the cake.  

The Wishing Well "roof' was made of skewer sticks graham cracker sheets held together by icing and topped with pretzel rods.  It took only one hour to put together and was just amazing.  I found cherry and pineapple erasers to put on the top of it to mimic the actual online Wishing Well game.  Then presents were opened and it was home time!  

DECORATIONS:  I wanted a bright and multi-coloured atmosphere.  Plates were purple and had animals on them; balloons were multicolored.  Napkins and party hats had balloons on them.  Streamers were also bright yellow and pink and purple.  We made vertical streamers on the game room doorway.  

I also had helium balloons and a large door cover party sign which I placed in the games room area.  I also printed off Webkinz World signs and put them on the walls where the games were being played.  

The children LOVED the structure and flow of the activities keeping busy and winning prizes gems and candy most of all!  We had a friend just take photographs so the memories will last a lifetime!!!!!  I used many ideas off this website which is a fantastic resource!  "

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