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Video Game Party

Video Game Party -9yr- Video Controller Cake




Laura in Redding, Ca, United States


February 2010



My son Luke wanted a video game theme for his 9th party.  Usualy I am Lucky Laura but, I looked online and there wasn't anything at all at that time.  That's  when I created one myself. 

INVITATION= I had to make my own invitations so i drew and cut out a video controler on grey scrapbook paper. For envelopes, I used a dollar store invitation pack. 

DECORATIONS=  I went to the local video game store and asked the clerk for any posters signs that they could give me.  I used the Halo sign he gave me and where the numbers where on the poster I placed a precut paper with my sons birthdate.  I used the posters he had given me for prizes and room decor at the pizza parlor room I rented out.  I had personally had some place mats that I wasn't using that had spaces to place pictures, thats where I used some postcards pictures of the video game characters.  I placed these on the tables along w/helium balloons. The posters I was given I cut out the release date info. off, and taped the remaining characters to the wall & windows for decorations.  

ACTIVITIES= I had a seperate table with my sons hand held video games and table top pinball machines. I had used the big screen T.V.that was in the party room and had my sons Wii game hooked up to play Dance Revolution and Mario Party. I had two dance mats and  made the adults play one round of the Dance game.  This was sooooo funny to watch the adults try and follow directions.  My sons Grandmas were competing against each other.  Old school Donkey Kong and Pacman music was playing in the background. I also surprized him with a new video game at that time by turning on a new game to play, it was a hit since all the kids wanted this new video game that had just come out.  

COSTUME= No one was wearing any costume but, now I have a  Mario costume w/hat Costume that I purchased at the after Halloween sale that was half price. I will use this for my party host costume next time around. 

PARTY SNACKS=  Of course pizza, chips & soda since we were at the pizza parlor.  

CAKE= I cut out a video controller handle out of two boxes of cake mix.  Used black icing for the contoller  and candy pieces for the remaining circles and lines.   (It looked just like the real thing no one wanted me to cut it).   

FAVORS= I purcased Halo collector card packs and opened them and used one card, a puzzle games from the dollar store, and Mario party candy dispensors I purcased from Bed Bath & Beyond.  They have a neat assortment of new & old candy fun.  

This party didn't cost me much at all because most of the décor was free or already my sons and mine. Everthing turned out so great I am doing this party again for his 11th party. Now you can purchace Mario Party plates at local party supply stores.  Both boys and Girls came and had fun. Its funny how we can use our kids own toys for decorations in the theme they choose.

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