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Wii Sports Tournament -10yr- Team Shirts




Susan in Chandler, Arizona USA


March 2008



My son is obsessed with playing WII with his friends every weekend! So, for his 10th birthday, we came up with the idea of a Wii Sports Tournament. 

For the invitations, we sent out printed announcements that read:  In recognition for your gaming skills and ability the boys registered at the athlete's table and received their team assignments.  (We had 8 boys which made of 4 teams of 2 players each).  The team names were created after favorite characters (Team Mario Team Kirbyetc.)  The boys received their team shirts (we printed iron on transfers from the computer) which had different colors shirts for each team with the name of their team (name) Birthday Wii Sports Tournament and each child's name.  My son also designed a cool logo for it. 

Once all the boys checked in we started the tournament.  We constructed a team tournament board that listed each team and event and the order of team play.  We had the first 2 teams compete and the winner would play the winner of the next two teams in that event.  The winner of the final 2 teams would be crowned champion of that event & we moved on to the next. 

We had a total of 6 events in the tournament.  After the competition was over the boys had pizza and subs to eat with sports drinks. The "athletes" table was decorated in sports theme with pennants and banners with the "Wii sports tournament" & tons of ballons. 

After pizza we had sports ball shaped cupcakes (basketball baseball soccer etc) and ice cream & opened presents.  Before the boys went home we had award ceremonies and handed out prizes for the MVP Team ChampionsBest Team Player Craziest Wii Moves most likely to continue to play wii after the partyBest Wii style and Best Wii remote wielder.  Every player won award and stood up on athe winners platform to take their photo(which were used for the thank you notes. 

For the goody bags we purchased locker baskets and put in athletes kit which included gatorade power bar Big League Chew bean bag sports balls light up whistlesports candy & a pennant with their name on it.  The kids had a great time & my son loved his birthday party!"

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