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VeggieTales Party

Veggie Tales -3yr- Hot Potato




Wendy in Edmonton, Alberta  Canada


March 2004


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 3rd birthday we had a Veggie Tales Theme. It is extremely difficult in Canda to get Veggie Tales Party supplies and the only thing I did manage to find cupcake papers at a local Christian bookstore. 

I printed a picture of Bob & Larry from the Big Idea website and then made my own invitations using red and green construstion paper.  I had red and green balloons and streamers outside in the back yard. 

When the guests arrived we made our own party hats. I used poster paper and made them head band style with a circle in the very front. We used potatoes, carrots and radishes (veggies of course) to paint and decorate the hats and then I had the same Bob & Larry picture to glue onto the circle part.  Once they dried I stapled the ends together to fit each childs head.

For games we played hot potatoe, and pin the nose on Bob. I had used red poster paper to make a large Bob and then made a nose for each child to stick on Bob.  We also made sure to take a picture of all the kids at this time to send in their thank-you notes.

For lunch we had sandwiches using buns(to resemble Bob…my plan was actually to have green hot dog buns as Wonderbread does make those in the summer, but when I went to pick some up the day before they were out so we had to change to plain white buns) and raw veggies and chips.  We had red punch and used red and green plates, napkins and cups. 

For cake we had cupckes in Veggie cupcake papers. My other idea was to bake a square cake and a round cake and then cut the round cake in half.  By placing one of half round cake at the top and bottom of your square you have a cucumber shape.  Ice with green icing and draw eyes on white paper and place in postion.  Bob would be just as easy, just make a round cake and ice with red icing etc. (I had a 3 week old baby at the time so opted for the cupckes which were a bit quicker!)

For treat bags we used brown paper bags with the same Bob & Larry picture glued on it and I had made door knob hangers using red and green poster paper and again the Bob & Larry picture.  I also made Bob & Larry magnets out of craft foam and used the Bob & Larry picture as a template as well as another friends magnets that she had for her daughter .  These were so easy to make and the kids thought they were great. 

At the end of the party we had a Bob pinata that my husband and I made.  We bought a beach ball and paper mached it with red tissue paper.  After letting it dry we removed the beach ball and filed it with our daughters favorite treats, licorice, raisins, gummi bears, sparkly pencils etc.  We used a coat hanger to hang the pinata on our close ling outsdie and coved the hole with a tissue paper stem and then put eyes nose and mouth on Bob.  He looked awesome! 

The kids used a baseball bat to try and break the pinata . Most of the preparations were done a couple of months ahead as our other daughter was born just three weeks prior to the party.  The party went off without a hitch, the kids had a great time and most importantly, our daughter loved it.

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