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VeggieTales Party

Veggie Tales Party - Larry Twinkie Cakes




Rebecca in Crossett, AR   USA


Feb 2003


Honorable Mention

VEGGIE TALES PARTY:   To celebrate the end of the winter quarter at church we had a Veggie Tales party for the younger grades.  

We printed out invitations and invited the kids to bring their pillows and blankets and come for an afternoon of veggie fun.   First we played "Bob, Bob, Larry" (Duck, Duck, Goose), then we played a game of Toss Across (Tic Tac Toe) with Veggie characters taped over the X's and O's so that Bob the Tomato was "X" and Larry the Cucumber was "O."   Then we settled the kids down to color a house I had photocopied on to card stock.  

The upper window was blank to insert their picture (My husband used the digital camera to take each child's picture and then printed them out) and the bottom window had Joshua 24:15 printed on it.   While they were coloring we had the kids come over one at a time to make Larry the Cucumber from a Twinkie.   We added green food coloring to vanilla frosting and melted it in the microwave.  

Then we laid a Twinkie over a cake rack (which was over a bowl) and had the child pour the green icing over it and spread it out with a spoon.  Then we had them add a green mini M&M for a nose and a brown one under it for a mouth.   Next we had them take a ziploc bag (that had white icing in it and a small corner clipped out of it)  and squeeze out 2 white spots for eyes and a tooth on the brown M&M.   Using scissors I cut a brown mini M&M in quarters and had the child add one to each white "eye."   I used a spatula to move "Larry" to a paper plate and poured the excess icing back into the container as needed.  

Next we played Veggie Bingo using the cards at the dltk site as well as Pin the Nose on Bob (I printed all of these out and laminated them).  

Then we served pizza, Cheetos, and Orange Slice (alas, no veggies!) and had "Larry" for dessert.   Finally we settled the kids down with their pillows and blankets to watch a couple of Veggie Tale videos.  

For the goodie bags we had candy as well as M&M chocolate hearts filled with mini M&Ms, Veggie Tales stickers printed from dltk's site (I used the "Call Out Sheets" from the Bingo game and printed them on to sticker paper and cut them apart), a Veggie Tales Memory game (Once again I printed out 2 sets of the "Call Out Sheets" for each child, laminated them, cut them apart and put them into ziploc baggies with directions on how to play), a Veggie Tales coloring book (coloring book pages which I printed from the internet VeggieTales Site and then reduced on a copier and printed 4 to a page (back and front), I added a cover page that had a picture of all of the Veggie Tales and labeled it "MY VEGGIE TALES COLORING BOOK," I stacked the pages together and stapled them down the side).   Also while the kids were watching the movies I added their pictures to their houses, laminated them, and added a magnet to the back so they were able to take them home as well.   The whole party lasted a little over 3 hours--which FLEW by--and we had a great time!

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