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Tinkerbell Party

Tinker Bell - Peter Panwiches & Pixie Punch




Lisa in Garden Grove, CA - USA


Feb 2003


Special Mention

For my daughters 5th birthday she decided she wanted a Tinker Bell party. I went and purchased all the Tinker Bell party ware at my local party store.

For the invitations, I created a picture using my scanner and computer. The front of the invitation had a picture of a castle at the end of a rainbow with Tinker Bell in the for- front of the picture with other pixies flying around the castle. The inside of the invitation read as follows: Tinker Bell and her pixie friends invite you to become an honorary pixie or lost boy for the day at their pixie palace,(which is located in Neverland on the other side of the rainbow next to Mermaid Lagoon)to celebrate Makaylas 5th birthday. Then I input the date, time, and real address. 

As the children arrived I passed out wings to the girls (pixies) and foam lion and bear hats to the boys (lost boys), all were purchased at my local dollar store.  I turned my patio into a pixie garden by hanging flowers (cut out of various colors of construction paper) and pictures of pixies (printed off my computer) around on the patio fencing and walls. I turned the ceiling of my patio into a rainbow by hanging rainbow streamers that I found. The streamers changed color every several of inches. I also had many multi-colored balloons hanging all around the patio. I then cut out silhouettes of pixies and hung these from the ceiling as well so it looked like pixies were flying around the patio.

On one side of the patio sat pixie palace (a rented rainbow colored castle bouncer) and on the other side of the patio was Mermaid Lagoon. I sat up my daughters kiddie pool, sat some of my large garden rocks in the middle of it and my daughters mermaid Barbie dolls on the rocks. Floating in the pool were foam mermaids that we later used as a game. I turned my daughters swing set into the Lost Boys Hideout by hanging green streamers around the sides and around the fort and sand box area and down the sides of the slide. I enclosed the sides of the sandbox area with green streamers and latter hid the treasure chest inside. 

For food we served, Pirate Ship Cannonballs (meatball appetizers), Peter Panwiches (Sandwich Tray), Wendys Salad (Potato Salad), Lost Boy Beans (Baked Beans), Smee Chips (Potato Chips) and Pixie Punch (Fruit Punch). For the cake I purchased a doll cake (the ones where the cake is the dolls dress) and had them frost the dress green and white, since Tinker Bell wears green. I made wings for the doll out of heavy card stock and decorated them with pixie dust (green sugar crystals, I first cut the wings out, and then lightly frosted them with white icing and then sprinkled on the sugar crystals, just in case any fell off onto the cake) I then stuck the wings into the back of the cake behind the dolls back with toothpicks. I also attached a wand (appetizer toothpick) to in the doll's hand with a small drop of glue and I put a princess Barbie crown on the doll's head (got out of my daughter's Barbie clothes collection) 

For the party games we played pin the wand in Tinker Bell's hand. I scanned off a picture of Tinker Bell into a poster format on my computer and glued it onto poster board. I then cut out star shaped wands out of various colors of construction paper and wrote each child's name on the star of the wand. The winner received a candy bar and all the children received a Rice Krispie Treat star wands that I made by making Rice Krispie Treats cut into star shapes, putting them onto the end of a sucker stick. I then dipped them in white chocolate and sprinkled on green colored sugar crystals. 

The next game we played was pass the wand (hot potato) using my daughter's Tinker Bell wand from Halloween. The winner of this game also received a candy bar and everyone received a small toy prize.  Next we went over to Mermaid Lagoon. The foam mermaids that were floating there had paper clips attached to them. I made a fishing pool out of a yardstick with a long piece a curling ribbon attached and tied to the end was a magnet wrapped in a small piece of tulling. The children had 30 seconds to catch as many mermaids as they could. The winner received a candy bar and everyone received a bottle of mermaid bubbles. (I made a bubble necklace out of a small bottle of party bubbles wrapped in green tulling and tied with a long piece of curling ribbon.  We then moved onto the rainbow piñata that I found at a party store.

While the kids were busy hitting the piñata I had my husband hide the treasure chest (a gold painted box) in the Lost Boy's Hideout.  For the treasure, I found plastic Tinker Bell drink cups on sale at a party store for 49 cents each. I filled these with silver and gold wrapped Hershey Kisses, plastic beaded necklaces and other small trinkets. I then wrapped the cups in green tulling and placed them inside the treasure chest. After the kids were through with the piñata I told them that Peter Pan had hidden Captain Hooks treasure and he wanted them to find it. I made a map out of a piece of poster board. My daughter and I were the leaders of the hunt, because I didn't want one child finding the treasure before anyone else. I had taken several pictures of different items/locations around my yard and patio with my digital camera and these were the clues. I placed the clues on the actual item from the previous clue with the final clue leading the children to the treasure. Attached to the clue/picture I had taped a gold star sticker so the child that first found that clue was given the sticker and they placed it onto the map.

The treasure/cups were actually the children's goodie bags.   After all the games were over and through we had cake and ice cream and opened presents and the kids a free play in the pixie palace and the Lost Boy's Hideout. The kids as well as the adults had a blast at our Tinker Bell party. I hope this gives you any ideas for your Tinker Bell or pixie party that you may have.

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