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Tinkerbell Party

Tinker Bell/Peter Pan -5yr- Pottery Painting




Sheila in Virginia Beach, VA USA


June 2011


Special Mention

My daughter wanted Tinker Bell for her 5th birthday, but wanted to invite boys as well. So we chose to combine Tinker Bell and Peter Pan.   

Invitations: We chose two clipart pics, one of Tinkerbell and one of Peter Pan. I used decorative scrapbook paper, green felt, black foam and mini pom poms to embellish the clipart pics into 3-D w/fairy wings, dress, hats, swords etc. I used green and purple cardstock to make the invitations. 

Decorations: The venue was at a pottery paint place, and the room was already green with trees, leaves and festive details on the walls so I didn't need to decorate much. The color theme was purple and green, so we had the plastic ware, napkins, cups and plaid designed plates in those two colors. The food/cake table had a Tinkerbell tablecloth with Tinkerbell confetti, Tinkerbell plates, napkins and Pirate plates & napkins. I used a small storage chest that looks like a treasure chest to hold the favor bags. I found a set of 6 mini Fairy's, incl Tinkerbell to use on the cake. 

Activities/Games:  Items for the activities/games included 6X6 ceramic tiles, balloons, foam swords, large drawing of CAPT Hook, cutouts of Tic Toc" the Croc and "Captain Hook" our special guest.  The party began with the children volleying balloons around until everyone arrived. They were then seated and began painting a 6x6 ceramic tile they could decorate them however they desired.

They then jumped and played tag with the balloons until everyone was finished painting. After their snack they had a "sword fight" with Captain Hook which was immediately followed by the Tinkerbells and Peter Pans in swordplay.  The final game was two rounds of "Pin the Croc on Captain Hooks Hand". They were told that since Tic Toc the Croc liked Captain Hooks hand so much he wanted his other one!  

Costumes: I purchased Youth Large & Medium Lime Yellow T-shirts clothes line rope green garland headbands and Treasure Map fabric.  I cut the sleeves and bottom hem to look like Peter Pans shirt and Tinks dress (& labeled each one with the childs name due to varying sizes).  We cut 6" x 24" strips of the fabric to make Pirate headbands.   As each child entered they put on their shirt/dress which was tied around the waist with the rope and donned either the sparkly garland or pirate headband to complete their costume!    

Party Snacks/Food:  We had a Meat/Cheese Tray Veggie Tray Frozen Smuckers PB & J sandwiches Juice pouches and a variety of chips and sodas. We also had some cups stationed on the tables with large pretzels dipped in white chocolate w/rainbow sprinkles.  

Cake: I was unable to find a picture I liked of Tinkerbell cakes so I chose to go with her house placed on a bed of leaves. I made mini muffins to use as the stools for Tinkerbell and her fairy friends to sit on and a large cupcake for the chimney. I used a total of 4 boxes of cake mix (2  chocolate and 2 strawberry) and 6 tubs of frosting 2 milk chocolate 2 strawberry and 2 white.

The bottom layer was a 9x13 the main house was made in 8x8 brownie pans cut down to 6x8 and the roof in an 8x8 pan then cut in half at a diagonal. I used 5 different tips to make the clapboard siding roof front door leaves and curly q design on front door.   

Favors: The girls each received Pixie Sticks Tinkerbell puzzle and sticker book Tinkerbell silly bands gold Pirate coins and a pouch of fairy dust. The Fairy dust was made with decorative sand mixed with gold purple and green glitter placed in a small yellow/green gauze favor bag with green ribbon tie.  The boys each received a Peter Pan story book gold Pirate coins Pirate eye Patch pixie dust and Iron Man silly bandz.  I couldn’t find Pirate or Peter Pan bands and my daughter wanted to give Iron Man ones.  

The children was having so much fun they didn't want to leave and were so excited when they learned they were able to keep their costumes and foam swords. They loved being able to fight Captain Hook for the Treasure Chest and wanted to keep playing pin the crocs on the Captain Hook drawing!  "

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