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Tie Dye Party

Tie-Dye Party -9yr- Tie Dye Backdrops




Shannon in Carrollton, TX  USA


June 2011



My daughter was looking for a unique party idea we could do at home and we came up with Tie-Dye.

Invitations: I used a tie-dye image from Google images, printed out the info (We're Dye-ing to have you come!") on cardstock.

Decorations:  I bought Tie-Dye kits from Michael's and an inexpensive white sheet set from Wal-Mart.  We tie-dyed the sheets a couple of days before the party.  One was hung as a backdrop for the cake table and the other as a back drop for the tie-dye station outside.  Bonus - she can now use sheets she made herself on her bed!  We also had multi-colored balloons.  We also found a tie-dye style beach towel and hung this on the front door - no one had to ask which house the party was at!

Activities: I bought packs of 5 boys undershirts and prewashed them leaving them damp according to the instructions on the tie-dye kit.  I had 2 tables set up outside (one was actually plywood on 2 sawhorses) covered with blue shower curtains.  On one table I spread out the directions and let the girls choose which style they wanted to try.  They needed help with the swirling and some help with rubber banding.  At the other table I had set up cooling racks over plastic tubs (all stuff I had around the house).  The girls put the shirts on the racks to complete the dyeing.  Don't forget the plastic gloves! 

We just followed the directions on the kit (Tulip brand from Michael's) which came with squirt bottles bands extra dye and gloves.  I had labelled Ziploc bags with each guest's name and taped directions for rinsing (printed on the tie dye cardstock again)to each bag.  The girls put the shirts in the bag as they finished.  

Cake:  I found directions for a tie-dye cake and tie-dye ice cream online.  I also layered Jello in different colors.  I found tie-dye paper goods online as well.  We did  a bluetable cloth and yellow utensils to complete the festive look.  With the heat here in Texas I had juice boxes and waters in a cooler outside for while we were dying.  We had lemonade and cranapple juice for drinks with cake/ice cream - trying to keep a colorful theme.

Favors:  Each girl took home her creation.  They have to rinse the shirt after it sits for 6-8 hours (again instructions provided taped to the outside of the bag). This was one of the more laid-back birthday parties I've done.  I also spent well under $100 and my daughter has several shirts and a sheet set to keep! 

Party was 10 total people and it only required 2 adults to run smoothly with that number.  Any more guests and I would've wanted an extra set of hands though.  "

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