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Tea Party

Tea Party 5yr - Tea Pot Invites




Denise in Winder, Ga.  USA


April 2002


Special Mention

My 5 year old daughter started a new school and wanted to get to know the girls in her class better so we invited them all over for a tea party!  This party would work well for a birthday also. 

For the invitations I found some very pretty ceramic tea pots at the dollar store.  I printed this poem on some nice paper, cut it out and  attached it to the handles of the tea pots: "I'm having a tea party, it's just for fun!  So, Dahling, if you can make it ... I would love for you to come.  Just throw on a frilly dress and gobs of jewelry galore-- We'll have snacks, play games and there's so much more!  I'd like to know you better, and for you to know me...So, have your Mom call my Mom and we'll do tea!" The party info was on the back of these cards.  I then wrapped the  tea pots in layers of pink tulle, white tissue and a pretty printed cellophane paper.  I tied it with a pink organza ribbon.  All the little girls LOVED their tea pots! 

At this point my daughter decided she wanted it to be a "Princess Tea Party"  Not having mentioned that in the invitations, this is how we turned a regular tea party into a "princess" tea party.  First, I hung large white glittery stars dangling over the entry way of the front door. Then I sprinkled glitter coming up the walkway onto the porch.  

Next to the door sat a very large (about 3 foot tall) smiling ceramic frog that I happened to have left over from my childhood frog collection.  Upon his head was a gold crown.  He held a sign that read:  "STOP!! You must read this before you enter this kingdom! --- Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived a little girl who longed to be a princess.  Day and night she wished for her royal dream to come true.  One evening, while walking through an enchanted forest, she came upon a talking frog. "What can I do for you my child?" the frog asked.  "I want to be a princess" the little girl replied."

To become a princess you must do two things:  First, you must kiss me, Second, you must invite all your friends for tea and they must kiss me also!" exclaimed the frog.  So, the little girl planned a beautiful tea party for all her friends. At the party the girl and her friends all kissed the frog and were immediately transformed into princesses. (STOP AND KISS ME NOW FOR THIS TO COME TRUE) afterwards the girls all wondered why the frog did not turn into a handsome prince.  "Are you not an enchanted frog?" they asked.  "No, my dears, I am just a frog who wanted a kiss,"  was his reply.  "Then how did you turn us into princesses?" they asked. "Oh, exclaimed the frog, that was not magic!  Didn't you know?  ALL little girls are princesses--- if only they BELIEVE!"  ---  I wrote this on a large white heavy duty poster with a pink paint pen.  As the guests arrived they stopped and read the story and of course kissed the frog.

Then as they entered the house my daughter gave them each a "princess" hat and wand and said:  "You are now a princess!"  The hats were made from shinny party hats with a long piece of tulle coming out of the point on the top.  The girls were given stickers to decorate their hats with while the other guest arrived. The girls loved kissing the frog and some of them kissed him again as they left!  After everyone arrived the girls all sat down for tea.  The table was decorated with a white linen table cloth with vases of pink roses down the center. 

Each place setting had a miniature hat (about the size of a silver dollar)  that held the name card.  I found these in the craft store and simply added pink ribbon and a rose to the brim of it and then cut a slit in the top to place the place card in. They were very cute!  The guest were served tea and food from real silver and antique china. Each chair had  yards of pink tulle tied around it with roses placed in the bows at the back of the chairs.

The menu consist of fruit flavored teas, real sugar cubes, strawberry cream cheese sandwiches and petit fours with the guests initials on the top. The little girls were all perfect little ladies during the serving of tea!  After the tea they played some "princess" games:  Pass the wand (like musical chairs) and a game where my daughter put on a dragon costume she has and held them "captive". 

To be set free they had to answer a "princess" question.  These were just made up questions about different princesses (mostly Disney ones) and general princess things like :  What is a princesses husband called? -- Really easy questions so everyone could be "released".  The gifts were candy and fake jewelry and purses from the dollar store.  After the games the girls watched The Princess Diaries and ate popcorn while the moms got to know each other. 

For the thank you notes I had taken each little girl's picture wearing a large hat with a rose on it and wearing a feather boa. They held a saucer and cup as if they were having tea.  I then scanned these in my computer and converted the picture to black and white and then colored in the rose on the hat and the feather boa in a soft pink.  I printed the picture on velum and attached it to a card with a pink organza ribbon.  They turned out so beautiful!  Inside the card it read: Thank you for coming to my tea party!  I had a fabulous time and I must say you looked marvelous.  We simply must get together again sometime!  Ta-Ta, Chanan. 

It was a great party - the moms all raved about it and the little girls actually sent thank you notes to us for having the party!

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