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Tea Party

Sunflower Tea 8yr - Pick a Flower




Lisa in Garden Grove, CA - USA


June 2001


Special Mention

For my daughter's 8th birthday we had a Sunflower Tea Party.

For the invitations I purchased a sunflower stamp stencil and yellow, brown & green stencil paints at Wal-Mart and my daughter (with my help) stamped a sunflower on the front of a blank computer card stock. After the paint had dried I used the computer to finish the invitations.

The invitations read: (On the cover) "A Sunny Party Awaits You.. (On the inside) You are cordially invited to join Amanda as she turns 8 years old for a tea party. For the decorations I purchased bright yellow streamers and balloons and I placed these all over the party are (my thought the more streamers and balloons you have the better!) I also found sunflower garland on sale at a local store and I used this to decorate the cake & present table along with mint green table clothes for contrast.

For the cake I made several round cakes. One cake I frosted it in just plain chocolate frosting. The other cakes I cut into the shapes of sunflower petals and I placed these around the chocolate cake I then frosted these with bright yellow frosting. I purchased real tea cups at a local dollar store for each guest, with these the guest were served lemonade out of a fancy teapot that I had. 

I set the table with a white linen table cloth. I found plates and napkins with pictures of teapots on them (or you can just use plain yellow plates and napkins) and I severed peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches along with a variety of potato chips.

For each guest I made individual dirt cakes in miniature clay pots, that I lined with foil. In the center of each dirt cake I "planted" a candy sunflower sucker that I had made out of white colored chocolate. When the guest arrived I had purchased face paint and I painted sunflowers on their checks.

For a craft I gave each guest a small inexpensive watering can and I supplied glitter, paint, and sequins and the kids decorated these to their liking.

For the games we played: Pin the missing petal on the sunflower (I made this out of construction paper and poster board), Pick a flower (this game I had purchased individual sunflowers and the bottom of one flower I painted the stem white and the guest that picked that flower won a prize - nice easy & fast game),

We then played flower bingo. I made up bingo cards with pictures of different colored flowers in the squares. I printed these off onto half a sheet of card stock on my computer. We also played pass the flower (like hot potato) and musical flowers.

For musical flowers, this was a version of musical chairs, but instead of chairs I had made sunflowers out of construction paper and I made one picture of a bug out of construction paper. I placed these pictures in a circle and each child had to stand on a picture and when the music stopped the child that was caught standing on the bug when the music stopped was out. When each child was out we would then remove a sunflower from the circle (instead of a chair). Until only one child was left standing on a sunflower. We also had a flower piƱata.

For goodie bags I found regular small gift bags shaped like sunflowers and I filled these with a baggie of yellow, green and brown M&M's, flower stickers, a sunflower pencil and notepad, and a packet of sunflower seeds the kind to plant and a baggie of sunflower seeds to eat. Each guest also got to take home their flower that they "picked" from the game and their clay flower pot from their individual dirt cake.

The party was a big hit and the my daughter had a great time.

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