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December 2008


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Sweet Sixteen Twilight Party:  Hello! If you happened to find this and click on the link, chances are that you are a) a Twilight fan b) know someone that is a Twilight fan or c) really bored and hate the Twilight Series and wonder what kind of crazy person would throw a whole Twilight themed Sweet Sixteen Bash anyways? I am the kind of crazy person that would do that. =-D I have a very strong obsession with the books and am turning sixteen in June. I really wanted to have a cool, different theme so, in the words of Jacob Black, badda bing, badda boom, it hit me. Twilight! First off, it was sort of hard to find anything on the Internet that helped me with this party, so be prepared to get creative.

Now I am going to stop rambling and get on with my party idea Invites: If you have a ton of time, you can go and browse through www.zazzle.com or www.cafepress.com. They have some Twilight related invites, but I say if you want nicer invitations, you might want to do it yourself on cardstock or something. I recommend black, red and white the primary theme colors, as any Twihard will tell you. =-D Also, if you visit http://bellaandedward.com/funfonts.php, you can download Twilight fonts for free the ones used for character's handwriting in the books. It's very cool. Of course, you must include the date, time, etc for fun, you could say in Forks or something (Forks, Washington is where the books take place). Your wording will probably be much cleverer than mine, so play around and have fun. (Of course, you might want to go through this with your teenager gosh forbid the invite ends up sounding dorky. =-D). Also, ask your guests to come dressed as favorite Twilight character/in black, red and white, formal or informal. It's a good idea to suggest that guests to familiarize themselves with Twilight, by watching the movie, reading it, or getting the basics from a Twihard nerd like me. 

Dress: This may seem random, but I felt the need to squeeze this detail in here. I have been looking around for cute black and red dresses for myself and found this cute one (http://www.reddressshoppe.com/Dresses.htm) it's the second one down on the page. The deal is I have to pay for it, since my parents are paying for most of the party. I like it because it's cute but not too dressy. 

Décor:  I am renting a small hall, because my guest list is about 30 people, and going ballistic with red, black and white. You can't go wrong with those three colors, I promise. The tables are going to be named after characters: Alice, Edward, Bella, Seth and Jacob. Me and my very best friends are going to sit at the Jacob table yes, I am on Team Jacob, and proud (if you don't get this, ask your Twilight fan). Each table is going to have either a red or black table cloth, with the alternating color for the tableware. (Black tablecloth = red cutlery and plates, etc). I am going plastic table cloths and plastic plates, etc no need to break the budget on plates, y know? Each table will have Twilight quotes printed out on paper scattered in the center, along with fake apples, fake ruffled tulips, some red ribbon and a few chess pieces (these items all appear on the covers of the four books). I also might have silver and red Hershey kisses and confetti, and black and silver Sharpies so my friends can write little messages on the plastic tablecloths. I plan to keep these. 

The food is going to be served buffet-style, from a long table at the front of the hall. More on the food later. Of course, the four books will be at a place of high honor right up there on the main table for everyone to see. There will be red, black and white balloons and streamers around, along with Twilight posters and my favorite quotes printed out and blown up taped to the walls. We are going to have a fog machine (we lucked out my neighbors have one for their haunted house on Halloween, but you can rent them at party retailers and such) hidden in a corner (it is always rainy in Forks the tiny town in Washington where the books take place.), and a strobe light. All the lights in the hall will be off what would be the fun if they weren't?and we are renting a DJ. 

Food: The main dish is going to be something generic, because I can't think of something clever. Most likely it'll be pizza or pasta old teenage stand-byes. For dessert and munchies, things can get more creative. For instance, you could serve red velvet cake; a chocolate-flavored cake that is red inside, vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, etc.  Also, I was thinking of serving Shirley Temples (I love them waaay more than a person should), because they're red like blood, you know? But I am still going to have regular soda there, obviously, because what else can you expect teens to have? If you want to buy cookie cutters/chocolate molds of dog bones, chess pieces or apples and make those, I think it would be a great idea. Dye some chocolate red and see what you can think up. 

Party/Activities/Games: Even though it's a bit of a splurge, depending on where you go, you can never go wrong with a DJ. Less pressure on the parents/host/hostess, etc, so everyone can have a good time. Obviously, a DJ isn't required.  When my guests first arrive, they get dusted with body glitter (vampires, in the sunlight, glitter/shine like diamonds) and are left to mill around, admiring the room. ;-)

The DJ is going to be my primary source of entertainment, but here are some suggestions if you are planning to have a DJ-less party: ~Hold a Twilight Trivia contest, splitting the guests into teams. (It's a good idea to keep the questions pretty easy, because it's not a surefire bet that everyone invited has read the books.) ~Have chess boards set up, so guests can challenge each other to matches ~Bob for apples/candy apples ~Have contests/hold a vote to see who is most like a character (clumsiest = Bella, best looking =Edward, funniest = Jacob) ~Host a Twilight scavenger hunt, and see which team can find the most Twilight-related items (apples, umbrellas, dog bones, etc) I am going to ask the DJ to play sound clips from the movie (hopefully it will show up on DVD before then) and have people guess who's saying them. The DJ will also play soundtracks from the movie and Stephenie Meyer's website (www.stepheniemeyer.com) 

We are going to eat then, and I am supposed to slip out through the door so I can get announced by the DJ. I am going to be announced to the song Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder it's more of my parent's choosing, but that's fine. I love the song, anyways.  Then I am to do the candle lighting ceremony. I don't want to bore you right away, so I will include all the dedicating/song stuff at the bottom of this page. After I cut the cake, I will borrow the DJ's mike and ask all the guests to look at the bottom of their plates for an apple sticker. These stickers will be stuck onto random plates and the people who find a sticker get to come up to the front table and a) get the first slices of cake and b) pick from Twilight themed prizes, such as a Hot Wheels model of Bella's vintage red pickup, a fake Volvo key chain (Edward Cullen drives a silver Volvo), the Twilight movie soundtrack, the Twilight DVD (again, praying it comes out before June), Twilight chap stick (www.twilightlips.com ), T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. The DJ will be handing out goofy sunglasses, fuzzy hats, beads and glow sticks throughout the party for the other people that didn't have a sticker on the bottom of their plates. 

After that, we will basically dance. For fun, I might host an Edward-Jacob-who-is-better debate (ask your teen if you aren't following me.). Twihards commonly do this, and it is always fun for me to obsess and geek out about Twilight. He he.

Thank You's and Favors: These will be the same as the invites, and personally, I am a strong disbeliever in fill-in-the-blank thank yous. They are annoying, so, even if my hand falls off and dies, I am going to hand-write all of my thank you's for the people that showed up and helped my celebrate my sweet sixteenth.   So, there's my party idea for the Twihard freak in your life. It's a unique idea, and I know I am going to have so much fun at my party. Hope you have a great sweet sixteenth! Happy birthday and good luck! =-D  

Songs & Dedications: Oh, yeah, I promised I'd put this at the bottom of the page, just in case anyone needs help with songs. Feel free to skip out at anytime if I bore you and I will, trust me.

First Candle: Dedicated to my parents, who taught me how to read and put up with me when I was a brat. The song I chose was You are the Apple of My Eye. 

Second Candle: To my little sister, who is a pain and a joy, I chose the song Do You Believe in Magic

Third Candle: To both my brothers. The Monday Night Football theme song. Sports freaks, both of em.

Fourth Candle: To one of my two best friends, Lissa, whose been watching my back since the third grade, I chose the song Ultimate by Lindsay Lohan.

Fifth Candle: To my other best friend, Willow, who always tells the truth even when it's not pretty, I chose the song Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

Sixth Candle: To my incredibly sweet boyfriend, Camden, who has been so patient with me, I chose the song Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade.

Seventh Candle: To my closest cousin, Joanne, who is a month older than me and knows me inside-out, and also turned me onto the Twilight books when I was in the seventh grade. I chose her favorite old time song, Dancing Queen by ABBA.

Eighth Candle: To my late grandparents, who I miss so much. How to Save a Life by The Fray.

Ninth Candle: To the three little girls, Alana, Sammy and Maya, (aged 11ish, also friends of my little sis) I baby-sit for and adore with my life (don't worry, they're leaving the party early!) I chose the song Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.

Tenth Candle: For my friend, Mia, that moved away in the fifth grade and lives over 200 miles from me now, that has promised to come, the song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

Eleventh Candle: My younger cousin Ella and my aunt Sharon, for always and willingly having long, geeky Twilight debates at family gatherings, I chose the song I'm only Me When I'm With You by Taylor Swift (?)

Twelfth Candle: Dedicated to my guy cousin, Ryan, who basically hates Twilight, but has agreed to come and pretend for me. The song I Don't Care by Fallout Boy.

Thirteenth Candle: For my late Uncle Brent, whom I never knew but I would have loved to. The song Candle in the Wind by Elton John.

Fourteenth Candle: For my friend, Ally, whom is crazy and random and always, always smiling. I Think You're Crazy

Fifteenth Candle: For my cousin in England that I have never met before the party, but who has been a faithful pen pal/email pal for years. Grace Kelly by Mika her fave song of all time. 

Sixteenth Candle: To all of my friends that generously came and helped me celebrate this big day, Celebrate Good Times. 

After the last candle, everyone who had a candle dedicated to them will be asked to return to the front of the room to the classic song Sixteen Candles and we will have a giant group picture taken.

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