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Sweet 16 Party

Luau Sweet 16 - Tropical Theme




penelope in miami florida USA


November 2008


Honorable Mention

Luau sweet 16- invites: something cute and creative that will really set the theme for the party. 
-try something like a beach ball with the info written on it in permanent marker. 
-postcards with a hawaiian theme to them. Write info on back with persons address and send in mail. Cute and cheap. If you can't find any then look online and make them yourself with pictures and thick paper.
-the message in a bottle is classic. Can sometimes cost some $ but really depending on how many you need and how much your willing to spend. You can find them online at oriental trading company or any other party store.
-the open up hawaiian floral print shirt is also cute and easy and definatley cheap.
-another fun things for you and your friends would be too print a virgin recipe of a pina colada or one of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks and attach it to a coaster with all of your party info on it. 

Decorations: very important and need to be even cuter than the invites.
-first thing you need to do is find the colors you want. For example the color theme for all of these decorations is going to be lime green, aqua blue, and bright pink.
-there are really cute table settings at the party stores or you can create your own using plain colored paper plates, napkins, cups, forks, tablecloth, spoons, and knives. Just switch up colors with your theme like green plates, pink tablecloth, blue napkins, pink forks, green knives and spoons, blue cups.
-blow up beach balls and scatter them all over the party area.
-also scatter towels, magazines, and leis.
-on tables you can have little arrangements of flowers and shells with a candle or a coconut and a pineapple with balloons hanging from center. Another cute centerpeice would be to put a handful of sand and put a beach barbie and ken with some of their beach stuff.
-lots of balloons in your party colors and the numbers 1 and 6 for 16.
-get a fish net and hang it from the ceiling corner and put fake fish and other sea animals in it. 
-don’t forget to buy a luau cd and play the music quietly in the background or make your own mix.
-hang surfboards and surf signs around. Anything tropical like palm trees or hibiscus would be cute too. 

Games: not needed but very fun!
POOL GAMES: if you have a pool that’s a plus!
- before the party fill a bunch of water balloons up and set aside in a bucket full of water. Later have a water balloon fight in the pool. This can also be played with no pool.
- of course the normal games like marco polo, chicken, and trying to make a whirlpool.
-buy a bunch of colored shells and mark the bottoms with a number from 1-5. throw all the shells at the bottom of the pool and when someone says go, everyone has to dive for the shells until they are all gone. Then everyone collects their shells and adds up the total. With the shells you can either a) have a little tiki shop with cheap prizes that can be worth shell money or B) add up total and whoever has the most points wins a prize.
-noodle race. Get noodles or innertubes and race around the pool.
-colors and sharks and minnows is also fun.
-fill up normal balloons with water and throw at each other in the pool.

NON-POOL GAMES: still fun without a pool!
-you can't have a luau party without…LIMBO!!
-don't forget the other games like pin the lei on the hula dancer, hula hoop contests, and musical chairs.
-big kahuna pie eating contest. Fill up pie shells with chocolate pudding pie, top with some whipped cream and a spinkle of coconut. Whoever finishes first wins -
surprise food eating contest. Fill little bowls with combos of different food like mayo, whipped cream, and mustard, or ketchup, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter. Have each person blindfolded and come into the room with the treats. Give them a spoonful of it and see how much they can guess of the ingredients. Fyi you might want to have a sand pail ready for barf.winner is person with most correct guesses. 

Food: yummy and creative is the way to go.
-fill sand pails and fish bowls with chips, crackers, or other snacks.
-fill a watermelon hollowed out with a fruit salad.
-carve out the insides of an orange, avocado, or lemon and serve dips for chips inside.
-pineapple upside down cake goes really well with the theme or if your not into that then go for the normal rectangle cake with blue frosting, grahm cracker crumbles for sand, and plastic palm trees and other hawaiian things.
-order in a hawaiian pizza or some hawaiian cuisine. Or just eat normal party food.  Hope this all helps and have a blast at your sweet 16 luau party!!!!!

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