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Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Dance Party - Limo From School




Kassie in Las Vegas, NV  USA


April 2003



Since she is my only daughter, and I never had a Sweet 16 celebration myself, I wanted Jessika's day to be memorable.    Her birthday falls on a Wednesday... which is a school day.  And I have a few surprises in store for her!   

First, I had 50 buttons made with her photo on them.  They say "Happy Sweet 16, Jessika".  Her 2 best friends will secretly hand them out to friends and teachers at school the day before her birthday.  Then, when she arrives at school the morning of her birthday she'll see everyone wearing them!  I have a button that says "I'm the Birthday Girl". Which one of her friends will pin on her, while another friend puts a tiarra on her head!     

After school, a limousine will pick her and 5 of her friends up.  They'll drive around for an hour before being dropped off at home.    The party is going to be the following Saturday at our home.  We live in Las Vegas, so the weather will be great for an indoor/outdoor party.   

I hand made all of the invitations using pretty computer stationary that has pastel-colored daisies around the border.  I glued on little foam butterflies and dragonflies, then used a little glitter-glue to make the invitations sparkle.  They look lovely!  I printed out envelopes to match.   

I found lollypop molds pretty cheap on ebay that say "Sweet 16".  I bought pastel-colored vanilla melting chocolates and made lots of lollypops to spread out on the tables for decorations. And the guests can take them home as party favors.    I also ordered personalized pastel-colored pencils that say "Jessika's Sweet 16th Birthday Party" on them.  (Got a good deal from the Lillian Vernon catalog!)  These, Along with the buttons and lollypops. Also make a nice little party favor.   

They'll be an assortment of foods such as submarine sandwiches, chicken wings, Mexican and Italian dishes, etc.   The birthday cake will have a baby picture of Jessika on it!    We'll have four bands playing (at separate times, of course!).  She has a lot of friends, and some are in bands.  They are all playing for free! We'll have an area set up for them out in the yard with spot lights and strobe lights.   

We bought a pop-up canopy (it cost as much to rent one as to buy one). We'll be stringing lots of twinkle lights  under it, as well as stringing them all around the yard.  I rented some tables and some folding chairs, too.    We'll be renting a helium tank to fill tons of balloons.  After the party we'll let the guest release the balloons into the sky.   

Jessika is going to have a really great party that she'll always remember!

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