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Sweet 16 Party

Sweet Sixteen - Patio Sports & Games




Cindy in Keysville, VA


June 2002


Honorable Mention

Sweet Sixteen Party:  This was a very special party for my daughter and very inexpensive and easy.  She invited friends (both boys and girls) from school, community and church. 

We used picnic tables, and card tables and decorated our double carport with table covers and paperware in pastel pinks and purples  from a local wholesale dealer adding a few matching streamers and balloons.  Outside on a concrete patio area we strung up pastel Japanese lanterns that we purchased cheaply from Roses.  Entertainment was a basketball goal, a trampoline and a badminton set up. 

Age range was from 13 to 17 and since it was May we held the party in the evening hours. These young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each other, although some first met each other that evening.  I had also written up a Trivia Quiz about the birthday  girl, and had available games such as Outburst and Pictionary.  We did not even need these diversions.  

For special effect I had taken a favorite snapshot of the birthday girl to a local printing company and had them enlarge it to 5 x 7 and place it on an 8 x 10 white background.  Each guest signed this.  I prepared a simple  photo book with selected pictures of the birthday girl through the years.  These items were placed on a table with the dozen roses she received from her family at school that day. 

Her favorite item, however was a basket I prepared by taking one I had on hand and securing a fancy piece of lace around it.  The basket was then filled with 16 messages of love. In advance I had  16 of the birthday girl's family and friends write messages to her.  These were rolled, tied and placed in the basket. (I actually had more than 16 - because as I ask for these to be written - I had more volunteers than I needed - I explained there were so many who loved her, that we could not keep it to 16). 

You should have seen her face as she read these messages - telling her the things we take for granted and never say.  It was such a boost to self-confidence to know at that age how much you are loved by your peers, elders, etc.  The menu consisted of tacos with the works, dip and chips, vegetables, a bakery cake in the same pastel pink and purples, and ice cream and nuts. 

The best part is that since the party I have taken everything and made a Sweet Sixteen Memory book. 

The invitation, special messages from her friends and family, birthday cards, the signed photo, the party menu, a list of guests, and gifts were all placed in sheet protectors and clipped into a small three ring binder. 

My daughter has told me again and again what a special time it was.  I am sure she will always remember it.

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