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Carol in Glencoe, Alabama, United States


October 2005


Special Mention

SURVIVOR 10TH BIRTHDAY PARTY    For my daughter's 10th birthday party, in May, we did a "Survivor" theme.  Her name is Hope, so we went on the internet and looked up Hawaiian name translations and determined that Hope was "Mona'olana", so we name it "Survivor Mono'olana". 

For the invitations, I did message in a bottle.  I printed the invitations myself on antique looking paper, then I ripped the edges off the paper to make it look worn, tied it in raffia string, and put it in the bottle.  I had sand and confetti in the bottles also.  When I was done, I put the cork in, and tied raffia ribbon around the edge of the bottle.  The invitations had who will the ultimate Survivor at the end.  The kid's were all pumped up about the party when they got the invitation.  We invited both boys and girls, and it was a good party for both at this age. 

We had the party at my house, and we transported the back yard into Survivor Island.  I bought about 30 tiki torches, and we put them all over the yard.  We made a huge pile of wood for a bonfire "Tribal Council", and made a circle of rocks around it. We laid raffia rugs on the ground around the fire.  We started the party around 5 pm. 

I had white t-shirts printed that had the Survivor symbol on the front with Mona'Olana, and on the back it said "I SURVIVED HOPE'S 10TH BIRTHDAY PARTY!" on the back.  White shirts were cheaper, so I divided the shirts, and bought fabric RIT Dye at Wal-Mart, and dyed half of the shirts blue, and the other half orange(very affordable), and the two tribes were distinguished by their shirt colors.  I handed out the shirts as they arrived. We had two tribes, and they competed in competitions to win points.  We had a large write-on/wipe-off board displaying points. 

Some of the games called for the entire tribe to compete, and some the tribe would have to pick 3 boys, and 3 girls to compete, and which ever one finished first, the tribe got points.  Every member would have to compete before they could compete again.  We had 15 members on each tribe.  I would probably do ten on each if I did it again.  We had the following contests: 

1.  First, we have a pool, so I took a rubber maid box(one for each tribe) that had holes on each end, then I put cans of food in each, then tied a rope around the outside, over and over, then I sank it in the pool.  The tribe had to dive in the pool, and untie the knots, getting the can out, the first team to the top of the water with the can got 10 points.   

2.  The next challenge was that I had bought two large row boats.  Each tribe had to relay race jumping in the boat and paddling however they could go the fastest, and get to the end, jump out, and the next member would jump in. Winners got 10 points.   

3.  Each team chose 3 members to compete.   I had put gum, and some pieces of a Reece Cup in the bottom of a pie pan, then covered it with green whipped cream.  They had to without using their hands, dig through the whipped cream, find the gum, and blow a bubble.  First one to come up with a bubble won their team 10 points. This was funny because they would find the Reece cup, and think it was gum, and chew, then spit it out.   

4.  I had a baby pool and I filled it with Ice and ice water.  Each tribe picked 3 members to get in the pool.  The last one in won their team 10 points.  Two kids refused to give up, so we made them sit, then lay it.   

5.  Teams picked 3 members each to compete.  I filled an aquarium with fake spiders, frogs, and bugs.  Then I added 200 live crickets.  Each team member had 60 seconds to get as many fake bugs out, and they couldn't get any of the live crickets, or one fake bug was deducted for each live bug.  Winning team got 10 points. 

6. Whole team competed.  Relay race.  Tribe had to dig through dirt for a live worms, run with it, hand it off, and then next member dig for worm.   Winning team won 10 points.  

7.  I had bought puzzles, and the team that could put it together the fastest won 10 points.   

8.  I loved this one.  Each team picked 4 people to compete.  I had made two huge tubs of white biscuit gravy.  I baked about 100 small, cheap can biscuits.  One member stood about 15-20 feet away from tub of gravy, and threw biscuits into the tub, the other member had to "bob"  the biscuits out of the gravy.  Team with the most in about 2 minutes won 10 points.   

9.  Tug of War (10 Points) 

10.  I got two balls and formed two lines, and we did over and under.  (First person puts the ball over their head, person behind them gets it and puts it under their legs and so on)  10 points to winner.  

The final challenge was a scavenger hunt.  We left the house for 1 hour, and had a list of things to do, and get pictures of on the way.  Each thing was worth so many points. They could never do all of the things on the list.  Here are just a few things that were on the list.  They could not tell anyone they were doing a scavenger hunt.  1.  Go into a restaurant and ask a stranger for a french fry.  2.  Sing "Jingle Bells" in front of Old Navy. 3.  Smallest team member push largest through Wal-mart in a buggy. 4.  Get picture made doing a shoulder sit in front of Pet-Co. 5.  Get entire teams picture made in a shower.  6.  Go in Popeye's and ask if Popeye and Olive Oil are in today.  7.  Get whole tribe's picture going down a slide. 8.  Get picture made with a police officer. 9.  Whole team do hand stands on the wall of a store.   10.  Some one do cart-wheels in a store. 11.  Buy a cupcake at the bakery of Wal-Mart and smash it in each others faces in the front of the store.  12.  Drink a whole 12 oz drink, and burp afterward.  13.  a male member had to braid a female members hair.  14.  find a Christmas ornament. 15.  Have picture made in front of a fire truck. 16.  Find the smallest shoe. (barbie shoe won) 17.  Buy the most items for $1.00 (item had to be number on outside ( I think rubber band or paperclips won) 18.  Find some one form your teams initials on a license plate.   19.  Have entire team picture made with a VW beetle convertible extra points if it was red.   20.  Find 3 business card.  21.  Find 3 take our menus.  22.  Find a golf ball  23.  Take picture in a golf cart, or on a four wheeler.  24.  Find a high school football, cheer, dance, basketball, baseball or softball uniform. 

Team was disqualified if they were not back within one hour.  (this should have been two)    Points were tallied, and a winning tribe was chosen.  Then winning tribe then played against each other to be the "Ultimate Survivor".  We had individual write-on/wipe-off boards, (I teach school), and we played "How Well Do You Know the Birthday Girl?"  I asked questions, and Hope would answer on her board, and if it was a matching answer with Hope, they were still in, if not, they were out.  I asked things like what was her favorite sport, food, song, subject in school, place to eat out, ect. The winner was the ultimate survivor!  They won $25.00.  When we got back from the Scavenger Hunt, my husband had lit the bonfire, and we had cake and hot dogs around the fire. It was the best party I have ever thrown.  It has been 6 months, and kids are still talking about how it was the greatest party ever, and still wearing their shirts!

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