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Survivor Party

Survivor Party -13yr- Nature Park




Chelsea in Newcastle, England


September 2005


Special Mention

For my 13th birthday I had a Survivor Party. We went out for the day to a big nature park near where I live and did all the games there.   There was Me, nine friends, My mam(the wise woman of the woods), and my brother and Dad the teams coaches. Me and my friends were split into two groups of five and we each had a coach either my Dad or my brother. To find out what team we were in we had to pick an oracle of destiny.

There was ten baloons full of glitter and each had a piece of paper inside saying blue team or pink team. However two ballons from each colour had two pieces of paper inside saying either scout or chief. The wise woman of the woods would call each person up in alphabetical order and they would have to pick a balloon, then she would pop it over there heads and they would find out to which team they belonged to. The Chiefs must be protected at all costs because the Scouts job is to attack the other teams chief with cans of silly string to score points.  After, we were sorted into our teams we each recieved a T-shirt which we decorated using fabric pens, glitter and feathers etc. We chose team names- there was 'the pink ladeez' and 'the winners'. Then the fun really began... 

Our first game was a water bomb fight. Each team had a basket of roughly 50 water bombs and the team which was the driest by the end was the winner. We were drenched but we loved it.

After that we had to make our way into the middle of the woods and on the way the tribes had to find roughly 20 cards of their colour with pictures of Bears, Defence, Fire etc. When we had been decorating our T-shirts the tribe coaches had hid them in various places along the trail; on trees, behind rocks, near streams and bridges etc. It was our job to find them but if you found the other teams cards you had to leave them where they were. We also had to find some real items like food packets, rubber snakes, twigs and berries. A point was awarded for each item or card found but a point deducted for each card they didn't find.  

Once we were at base-camp our third game was to construct a shelter. Each tribe had to find a spot to make their shelter using only some string, tarpolein and anything else they could find. Each team had 15 mins and points would be awarded for originality, appearance, if all the team could fit inside it and extra points were awarded for camp fires and toilets etc. 

After that we played a game where the two tribes stand in a line and the first person in line would pick up a liquorice lace whilst wearing a rubber glove and pass it to the next person in the line who would then pass it to the next person using only their mouth and to the next person and the next until it got to the end where the last person would put it in the designated recepticle. The team that got all the laces to the other end first were the winners of that game. This was a real hoot and amazingly difficult. 

The next challenge require The Chief of each tribe to nominate a tribe member who was good with food. After doing so they found out what they must do… The two nominated must put their faces in four trays for 15 seconds each and get the sweets out( which were jelly worms and eyeballs).The hard part was each tray was full of a gungy food. For instance we had Golden Syrup, Tomatoe sauce, flour and finally porridge. This was a great game as by the end of it the two people who were nominated had their faces covered in all of this and of course pictures were taken to embaress them in the future. Ha Ha! 

Another one of the games was were each team had a cup and they had to fill up their container with water from the stream. But, the cups were broken and had lots of holes in them which made it extremely difficult. 

Next, we had a game were it was required the chief nominate another person who was good with directions for the next challenge. When each team had nominated thay found out the task. The nominated tribes person must carfully complete an unknown course without hitting any obstacles- blindfolded. The rest of the team must guide her through danger by shouting left, right, forward etc. To make it even harder the opposing team must try and confuse the blindfolded candidate by shouting loudly to drown out the other team and can shout wrong directions or anything they like. This was a noisy yet fabulous game and tricky too as one of my friends walked into a tree! Haha 

After that it was the duel between the two chiefs and the two scouts. They must stand on a log and using big melon ballons with rice and lentils inside must knock their  opponent off the log. The best of five rounds would win. 

The next challenge wasn't awarded points it was simply for fun- We had a pinata hanging from a tree and using a stick and being blindfoldedhad had two attempts to break it. Once it was finally cracked open loads of sweets tumbeled out. I have never seen such scavengers as us in my life! As soon as it cracked open we all dived in trying to get as many sweets as possible. 

Our final game was the Gunge game! Each player would stand in the stand in the stream under the bridge and would be asked a question. If answered correctly that was fine and points would be awarded, but if answered incorrectly they would be gunged from up above. This was not a pleasant experience as the gunge consisted of sardines, glitter, melon seeds and tomatoe sauce- ewww!   On the way back to the cars we had one final task to melt a frozen water bomb before the opposing team. 

Once back home we changed into our pjamas and had somethng to eat (we were starving by this point).We had cakes, pizza, you name it. Our drinks were in coconut cups and we all blew out the candles on the cake- there was 5 blue candles and 5 pink.  After eating it was the prize giving ceremony in the garden.We were told who had won (and it was my team the pink ladeez) and then given our prizes. The losing team were also awarded prizes.   The night was great! Thank you Birthaday party ideas for giving us inspiration for a great party!

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