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Superhero Party

Super Hero Training 6yr - Superhero Manual




Tricia in Corvallis, Oregon, USA


November 2005


Special Mention

For my son's 6th birthday party, I threw him a Super Hero Training Party.  

INVITATIONS - I called each of the parents and asked them questions about their sons: weight, height, distinguishing features, brief personal history, enemies, etc. I then wrote up a dossier on each kid, with TOP SECRET watermarked on the paper. I paper-clipped the dossier, a headshot of the boy, and a cover letter into a manilla folder marked "Top Secret" on the outside. We hand delivered the invitations. The cover letter stated:  "We here at the CRIME FIGHTING SUPER HERO LEAGUE have noticed you and your special skills. Skills that are necessary and vital to crime fighters. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Super Hero? <Bithday Boy> seems to think so. He has invited you to our SUPER SECRET SUPER HERO TRAINING FACILITY at <our address>. Training begins at 1300 hours on the first day of October. Please come in your Super Hero uniform and be prepared to work hard. Becoming a Super Hero is not for everyone, but it could be for you. We hope you decide to become a part of the...CRIME FIGHTING SUPER HERO LEAGUE.  Regards, Justice Forall"  

DECORATIONS - As the kids entered we had a sign that said "Entering Restricted Area, please proceed to handprint recognition and retinal scanning." We had two boxes that my brother rigged up with flashlights to check handprints and retinas. There was a sign in our dining room that said "Welcome to the CRIME FIGHTING SUPER HERO LEAGUE TRAINING FACILITY." I was dressed in combat fatigues, ready to whip them into shape. 

GAMES - As we waited for all the kids to arrived, they colored various pictures of Batman, spiderman, etc. When all kids arrived, I handed out their "Crime Fighting Super Hero League Training Manual." I made them in Print Shop using the 1/4 card template. Inside there was three sections: Endurance, Agility, and Marksmanship. We first went to test the kids' endurance. I had an obstancle course set up. I read the manual for them before each event.

\*Endurance\* Under the headline was the definition and a description of the event: "The obstance course is designed to test and strengthen your endurance, a vital component of the ultimate Super Hero. In order to pass this test, you must finish the course in less than five minutes. Time:___" If they passed (they all did, of course), they received a super hero sticker to place on the page. Next we did agility. 

\*Agility\* I had set up two pillows hanging from the rafters of our loft. The manual stated,"When a Super Hero is under attack, the ability to move quickly and nimbly will be extremely valuable in preserving his life and enhancing his ability to counter-attack. You must not be hit more than 5 times out of 10 if you want to become a Super Hero. Successful dodges: _/10." I would swing one pillow and they would have to dodge it and then run over to the other pillow and give it a good karate chop or kick. We did this one a million times. They loved it. After they all received their stickers we moved to the last event: marksmanship.

\*Marksmanship\* I had 50 water balloons ready and a piece of plywood covered in plastic with a bullseye. The manual stated, "Hitting the target you are aiming for is an essential skill to fight crime. Your archenemy can be incapacitated by a direct hit from your weapon of choice. To pass this skill test, you must hit the target five times. __Five Successful Hits." The boys took turns throwing one water balloon at a time at the target. It was raining so we set up the target off our back porch and they stood at the back door and threw them out at the target. We handed out their stickers for their training manuals when they had used up all the balloons.

When they finished all the events we went back to the "Welcome Center" and had a graduation party. I would call each one's name and they would hand me their Training Manual. If it had been completely filled with stickers (they all were, of course) then they received their Certificate of Completion that stated they were now Super Heroes! After the ceremony we had a reception in which I brought in cupcakes decorated with the emblems of Spiderman, Batman and Superman. Right when I brought them in I had my husband (dressed as Dr. Zogie the evil scientist) and my brother (dressed as the Emperor from Star Wars) attack the party, steal the cupcakes and run away.

Then I told the boys,"You are all now Super Heroes! Remember everything you have learned! Go get the bad guys and save our cupcakes!" The boys needed no further instruction. They all went running after Dr. Zogie and the Emperor. They first attacked the Emperor and my brother "collapsed and surrendered" and then they all looked at Dr. Zogie holding the plate of cupcakes. They were about to attack (and I had visions of cupcakes flying everywhere) so I intervened and asked, "Maybe we should ask Dr. Zogie if he wants to give up?" So they asked him and he nodded his head and we decided to take them to jail. I handed them two pairs of handcuffs and they cuffed them and we "locked" them in the basement. 

FOOD - We served cupcakes decorated with superhero emblems, homemade ice cream and juice. 

FAVORS - After we were done with food, we proceded with present opening. When the guests would give my son his present, he would hand them a little canvas bag that I had painted their names on. There was candy and more super hero stickers inside.   While we waited for the parents, they just ran around the obstacle course, attacked the pillows and ran around like crazy boys do. It was loads of fun and we were all exhausted by the end…

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