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Superhero Party

Super Hero Party - Super Kid Certificate




Jojo in Chicago


November 2005


Honorable Mention

Super Hero Party 

Invitation: for a Batman party Purchase black batman masks that you can buy in most party shops.  Since these masks are like "eye-glasses"  cut off the part that hooks on to the ears so all that's left is the front portion.  Creative types could make there own.  Print all the birthday party information on beige office folders (choose a font that is kind of fun looking).  On the reverse side, print the name of the child who is being invited, where 'batman's mouth' would be.  Then attach the mask to the side where the child's name is.  I suggest that you attach typing paper to the 'eye' part of the mask since batman's eyes are white.  Then you just cut the invitation to look like the HEAD OF BATMAN.   It may seem like a lot of work just for invitations but it was well worth the effort.  Everyone (mothers and children) loved the invitation.  It was not only unique but the children truly loved it because it had there name on it and seemed personalized.  If your readers want a superhero invitation that will be remembered this is the one! 

Cake:  Superman Emblem on a blue cake.  Use your child's initials instead of the S.  OR Use a Super Hero Action Figure on the top.  For a base, use the clear plastic used in the packing material.  Hot glue the legs of the toy on to this base.  It will peel off afterwards. 

Decorations: Red, White, Yellow and Blue. Blue plastic table cloth.  Yellow cut out stars.  Red/Blue/Yellow Towers built with Lego's on each side of the table with plastic bad guys on one side and the good guys on the other.  Intertwined around the towers use sparkly red star garland.  Use Super Hero stickers on everything.   Invitation envolope, and plain balloons. 

Goodie Bag:  Fill with Superhero comic books and gummy figures.  Binoculars or magnifying glass.  Stickers.  Make a "Super Kid" Certificate Other Favors: Find inexpensive t-shirts, blue if you want a Superman look.  Personalize the shirts with the child's initial, like Superman's shirt.  Add a red shiny cape 

Games and Activities:

Kryptonite Game:  Play a hot potato like game. 
Spiderman Toss:  Board with Velcro strips shaped like a web.  Toss bugs or bad guys (with Velcro attached) at the web. 

Super Hero Obstacle Course:  1.  Crawl through a bat cave (table with black cloth or sheet over it). 2.  Spiderman Crawl:  Suspend balloons from the ceiling on strings so kids can touch them.  3.  Somersault 4. 

Robin tightrope:  Walk a line on the floor. 

X-ray Vision Game:  Put items in a box.   Let the kids identify them without sight, only touch or smell. 

Pin the mask on the Superhero  Batman Pinata  Toilet Paper Tie-up:  Have an adult volunteer to be the Bad Guy.  Let the kids put them in a chair and "tie" them up with toilet paper. 

Jumping Superhero's:  Mini-trampoline and pile of pillows.  Add boys, superhero yells and Instant Fun! 

Spiderman Nets:  (need-sheet, several cans of Silly String) Spread sheet on the floor with bad guys lined up in the middle.   Have kids sit on outer edges of the sheet.  Let them take turns (10 seconds) spraying a "net" over the bad guys.  

Super Toss:  Basketball hoop over door to let kids show off their shooting ability.  Knock Em Down:  (need-Sockem Bopper Power Bag and 1 set of Sockem Boppers) Goal is to knock down the Bad Guy, which is not possible.  Use only one pair of gloves to decrease the chance for injury since only one child can do it at a time.   Have the others make the sound effects "POW"  "BOP"   "ZONK"

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