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Superhero Party

Super Heros 4yr - Superhero Dress-up Relay




Mary in Accra, GHANA


Nov 2003



Spiderman/Super Heroes - 4 years  My son asked for a Spiderman party, and later added that he would like Batman, so we included the other Super Heroes. Parties are a big event in Ghana - but it is not easy to find ready made party items, so you have to be resourceful. 

I printed Spiderman birthday invitations from the internet (DLTK-kids.com is a good site). When the kids arrived (around 30 of them - I said parties were big!) they chose a superhero medal - I downloaded pictures from the internet, cut them, and tied them on red ribbon. We had a spiderman pinata (face only), as well as a Batman pinata.

We played the Super Heroes dress up relay - I put a number of dress-up and business type clothes in 2 bags - the kids lined up in two lines and took turns to run up to the bags, pull out an item, put it on, and run back, and so it went on.

We also played the spider web - I got a ball of wool, the kids formed a circle, one person threw the ball of wool to someone across the circle who placed the wool around their back and threw it on until everyone was tied up in a big web. I then placed a rubber spider on top and they moved the web up and down trying to make the spider fall - they thought it was great.

We also had a Super Heroes obstacle course. They had to crawl through a tunnel, bounce a super ball really high, walk across some rope, jump high on the bouncy castle, and run around the washing line after which they all received an achievement certificate which I printed from the internet. I also sprayed them all with Spiderman's web (crazy string) in all different colours. 

I made a spiderman cake - just the face. I cut the corners of a rectangle cake to make it the shape of a face, iced it in red, piped on some lines to look like a spiderweb and added the white eyes. It looked great. 

I made my own party bags - red construction paper cut out in the shape of Superman's logo - with the actual logo stuck on front. 

Everyone had heaps of fun. I had found lots of other fun ideas on this site, but we ran out of time!

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