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Superhero Party

Super Hero Party 7yr - Flash Cake




Kathi in Richmond, VA USA


April 2003


Honorable Mention

Super hero party for my 7 year old son. 

We had a hard time finding an invitation with the super heros, so I made one.  I used folded white cardstock, drew with a black pen a simple skyline of rectangular buildings with windows.  Shining in the sky I drew a bat signal.  On the cover I wrote "Calling all Super Friends"  On the inside I wrote "Come celebrate Ben's 7th year of keeping the planet safe"  Date/Time/Place - The Hall of Justice (a.k.a. and wrote our address). 

While the boys arrived I had a little project for them.  They made badges for their shirts - of the different super hero insignias.  I went on cartoon network website and got the logo ideas.  A lightening bolt in a circle for Flash, the bat signal for Batman, a lantern for Green Lantern etc, even wonderwoman for my daughter.  I made templates out of cardboard.  The boys picked one logo and traced it on colored foam craft sheets, and cut them out.  They glued them together and let them sit. 

We then ate pizza for dinner with juice boxes.  We used batman plates and napkins and had blue and black streames around the room.  Then they were ready for super hero training.  Using a stop watch, the boys went one at a time - leaping over tall buildings (fisher price house), crawling through a tunnel, running faster than a speeding bullet.  We did this at least twice, each boy trying to better his own previous time.  Then they received their badges, taped to the front of their shirts, and masks for their eyes, bought at the party store ($1.00 each).  They each received a balloon that we had previously blown up (and had in another room until ready for them). 

They each drew "bad guy" faces with a marker on their ballon and punched them around etc, eventually popping them.  We also played getting the bad guy.  After spreading out an old sheet - we let 2 boys at a time each have a can of silly string.  They were not allowed to spray above the shoulders.  They loved spraying each other with the silly string.  They were timed, going 20 seconds or so at a time, so that everyone got a chance to do it, going a second time if any left.  I think we had 4 cans of silly string for 8 boys. 

Then we ate cake/icecream and more juice boxes.  I made a Flash cake - a round cake, iced white.  Then with a square cake, I cut two jagged pieces to look like the top and bottom of a lightening bolt.  I set them up against the circle cake, at the top and bottom, they were also iced white.  I used yellow sprinkles to color the lightening bolt yellow.  I made a lighting bolt on a piece of paper and cut it in half, to create a stencil. 

The paper covered up the edges of the round cake, so I could make the lightening bolt with yellow sprinkles through the center of the cake.  I outlined the bolt in black gel-type icing. After cake we opened presents.  We used a large green glittery superball as "kryptonite".  When the music stopped and you were holding the kryptonite your present was opened. (This helped a lot as everyone wanted their gift opened first). 

This pretty much took up the 2 hours.  I may have planned one more game - too much time in between activities and a lot of wrestling begins to happen. 

For the party bags we bought batman bags.  We filled it with the masks, badges they made, can of silly string (K-Bee toys seemed to have the best deal) and candy.  The silly string seemed to be a big hit.  The boys all had a good time and my son loved it.

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