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Sports Party

Sports Challenge -9yr- Awards Ceremony




Cheryl in Richmond, VA  USA


Sept 2002


Special Mention

For my son's 9th birthday, I gave a sports challenge party.

The invitation was made like a flyer to a invitational (track, golf, tennis). I created a themed logo on my computer that was used throughout the party, including the invitation.  The logo had "(my son's full name)'s BIRTHDAY SUPERSTAR SPORTS CHALLENGE - 2002" encircled around a group of sports figures. The colors were green and blue. The party was held in my very large backyard, which was transformed into an Olympic field.

There were 10 events stationed through out the back yard. They were:

1. Football toss (I built a target between two trees. Using wood from Loews I crossed [like tic-tac-toe] six 1" strips of wood creating nine square areas which were each given point value. The center square being the most was painted red.)  

2. long jump (I spread mulch down to make a long jump pit.) 

3. Bolo Bat Competition. 

4. Baseball T-Ball hitting - distance. 

5. Marksmanship - Watergun shooting (filling up a bucket from a distance - timed and measured)

6. Water Relay - filling a bucket using a sponge running between two buckets - timed. 

7. One-on-One Basketball game (the hit of the party because it was mostly boys and they all love basketball!) & 

8. one-on-one Badminton 

9. Foot Race - each done tournament style with the flowchart. Match UP's went on during the other competitions.  

10. Obstacle Course- set up at the end, using most of the other events - timed. 

Each station was marked with triangular flags, a logo, and the title of the event. This was decorations enough! Also, each event had a referee assigned (lots of helpers needed) The refs were provided with a whistle, a stopwatch, a bottle of gatorade, and a score card. 

The party was set for all day, (like field day). The first hour, 2p - 3p, was set for registration.  A table was set up under a tent. Each participant (guest) was given a tee shirt, with the logo imprinted on the front. (cheaply done - brought 4 packs of white tee shirts from Sears, got the iron-on paper from Staples and ironed the computer logo on the shirts myself.) Participants were also given a bottle of gatarade (party was in August...HOT!!! Coolers with Bottles of water were stationed around the backyard also.)

Food was served throughout the day - cookout food, nothing heavy.

Sports themed music was played (had a friend mix a CD).  Now MY favorite part - the Awards Ceremony! Mid-way through the competitions, I set up a table with the awards laid out (when the kids say what they could win, participation increased.)

Each event was awarded a first place Medal/Ribbon and prize/toy; a second place computer generated ribbon and prize/toy; and a third place prize/toy - drawing (this was for those non-athletes, if you participated in the event, your name is entered into a drawing for a prize.)I ordered medals and trophies from trophytoolbox.com - you design your medals and trophies on line, and they are inexpensive! 

The medals had "1st place - (event name)  (my son's name) Superstar Sports Birthday Challenge 2002"  I ordered my son the largest standing trophy that said "(son's name) Happy 9th Birthday - August 11, 2002. Each winner stood on crates (like Olimps) and took a picture with there winnings.

Then we had cake.  The cake had the logo printed on it. (Most stores can do that now.)

Now, for the grand finale and parting favors, each participant received a Nike basketball tote bag (I got a super deal at Footlocker) that contained a Gatorade squeeze bottle like the pros use (my brother is a coach at a major college and donated these.) A Michael Jordan Shoes magazine (donated by Champs - it was a giveaway that they had), a mini sports ball, and a few pieces of candy, for energy.

This party was the talk of the neighborhood. My son, who thinks he is a jock, was big man on campus. Believe it or not, it was not that expensive either.

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