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Sports Party

Sports Party -2yr- Carnival-Like Sports Booths




Sheriess in Manchester, CT USA


May 2002


Honorable Mention

For my little boy's 2nd bday...we are planning an outdoor "Sports" bday!  He loves Balls of any kind, as a matter of fact his first word was ball.  I will invite 12 children.  The colors of the balloons and table cloths are going to be red, green, and royal blue along with the different sport balls.    I purchased plastic visors in these same colors.  I put different ball stickers on them and each kid's name will be in white along the edge( with a paint pen). They can wear them at the party instead of those paper things they hate! 

I am going to have cotton candy, pretzels, and popcorn in little bags that will be clothespinned to a string/rope that will be draped in the corner of the patio.  I found these darling white & blue pails to go on the tables as center pieces that I will fill with boxes of cracker jacks.  We will serve corn dogs, football rice krispie treats, Gatorade "the sports drink", chips n dip, pasta salad, Sports cheese shaped crackers, and more. 

The cake will be 2 balls (soccer & basketball) -2 balls since he is turning 2.  I will have cupcake cones for the kids decorated as different balls.  I have a football stadium serving dish that I will use for something.  Also, we are going to make ball shaped pb&j's. I will have 4 bunches of balloons each will have the colors I mentioned above and then 1 helium base ball balloon, soccer balloon, etc.  I have a few paper decorations with balls on them including a Happy Bday banner with balls. 

Activities: I will have different "sport booths" set up where each child can either throw the ball in the basket or hit/kick the ball, etc  The ball pit we have will come in handy too.  Also, I am going to purchase a baseball piƱata for the kid's to hit with a small bat. I found these 3 blow-up chairs that are balls (soccer, basket ball, baseball)...we will have these sitting out for any of the little one's to take a seat or a picture in....I thought we could raffle the chairs off or use them as prizes for something. 

The kid's are going to come dressed in their favorite sports attire!!

For the invitations: I took a picture of Dylan dressed like a baseball player with all the Sports Balls we own around him on the floor.  It looks really cute!!  I used a background of yellow paper and then blue underneath that.  Then I added red stickers that say "Come have a ball with our lil sport" as the title.  Then when you open it, there is a small pocket that contains sports confetti with a large red ticket that I made that says ADMIT ONE...you turn the ticket over and it has all the info for the party on the back.

The Goodie Bags contain every sport thing you can think of.Chinese yo yo's, pencils, fruit roll up, sport memo pad, crazy straw, bouncy balls.  I found some great things at Dollar Tree and Big Lots. This party will be a HUGE success & I am having a "BALL" planning it!  Oh yeah I haven't decided yet or not if I should use the little red tickets when they come to play the events & "purchase" the food ????

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