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Sports Party

Sports Party -2yr- Team Photo




Karlin in Shawnee, OK, USA


June 2007



For our son's 2nd birthday we did a sports theme as he was always hoarding every soccer, basketball, football, and baseball in sight.

We made the invitations ourselves (with the help of my computer savvy husband)to look like tickets to a sporting event complete with a sponsor (his brand of diapers)and a bar code at the bottom with our phone number underneath. We also used clip art of the four balls mentioned with his initial to create the logo of the team. We sent each family the appropriate number of tickets to gain admission to the big event.

We decorated the front door with a basketball themed cover with signs leading to the stadium (the kitchen). We decorated the house in cut-outs of bballs, basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls. In the kitchen where the main event was held we strung packages of cotton candy on a line with clothespins. We used a green grass patterned tablecover and plates, napkins, etc. of the four sports themes.

As the guests arrived, they each got to decorate foam visors for themselves to get ready for the activity portion of the party. When everyone finished decorating their visors, they put them on and we headed outside for the events. We had four stations set up, one representing each sport.

We bought a mega soccer ball that they took turns kicking into the goal. After each goal, each child was given a whistle to wear around their neck.

Then we moved on to baseball where they took turns hitting a baseball and won a box of cracker jacks.

Next we set up a basketball hoop (his birthday present from us) where they took turns shooting a basket to win a small softie basketball.

Lastly they took turns throwing a football through a hoolahoop. After each successful throw the athletes were given a megaphone that they got to personalize with letter stickers. 

After a group photo of the team, we headed inside for cake and ice cream. I had made three cakes (football, soccer ball, and baseball) in different flavors and the kids had fun eating their favorite sport. In addition to cake we had hot dogs and nachos with chili and cheese served in plastic containers just like the stadiums use. For drinks we had soda, water, and of course sports drinks.

After the festivities, each child took home a bag with all of the goodies they had won as well as a cotton candy package from the line and the visor they had decorated. Overall a very happy and smoothly-run event.

Though we had a lot for the kids to do, each activity was short and with a prize at the end each, it was worth the wait of taking turns. Everyone had a good time, especially the birthday boy who got to spend the greater part of the day doing what he loved most - playing ball.

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