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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Luau 5yr - Message in Bottle




Heather in Hesperia, California   USA


June 2007


Honorable Mention

It was our 5 year olds birthday and mine combined, so we did a Spongebob/Luau party since the party was for adults and children. 

The invitations were messages in a bottle.  I purchased plastic bottles with corks. I filled them with a little sand and small seashells.  I printed up the invitations on plain white printer paper.  They said come celebrate Joshua's and Heather's birthday the Bikini Bottom Way.  Dive time: Saturday, June 9th @time.  Where: Bikini Bottom and address.  No presents only your presence.  RSVP, etc.  Where your funkiest beach wear and bring your swimsuits.  I then took a dye ink and cotton ball and lightly stained the paper to look old.  I got 4 invitations on a 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  I rolled it up and tied it lightly with twine.  The twine was long enough to hang out side the bottle with the cork in and I color copied an anchor.  Cut it out, hole punched and tied the twin through it.  That way you could pull the invite out of the bottle without dumping the sand and shells.  Then a color copied the Bikini Bottom lifesaver, cut it out including the center hole and put it over the neck of the bottle. 

The bottles were put into white boxes that were filled with blue shredded cellophane to look like water.  My son and I decorated the boxes and mailed.  When the guests arrived, the walkway was lined with tiki torches the front porch had a cardboard stacked tiki heads and a parrot haning from the over hang.  When they came into the house they were greeted by an inflatable spongebob and wood towel rack covered with different leis and hibiscus hair clips for the girls.  My enrty, living room and dining room ceilings were covered with plastic that looked like water and we hung fish, seahorses and starfish. 

The food table was covered with blue sheets and a fish nets.  I then dumped some sand and seashells over the table.  We served food from a local Hawaiian BBQ place.  The party primarily took place outside.  We covered our back fence with the Bikini Bottom scene setters and then put the character cut outs on top of that.  I put up a spongebob pineapple house tent.  Our sand box hand spongebob pails, shovels and buckets in it. 

Then we rented a 16 foot tall waterslide with a 3 foot pool at the end of it.  We played spongebob and beach music.  I made jelly fish and hung them from the trees to make jellyfish fields.  I bought styrofoam balls, cut them in half, covered them in fleece fabric I found at Joann's fabric store.  The fabric was pink with purplish spots.  I used pink pipe cleaners for the legs and bent them to look like they were swimming.  They turned out great.  I hung some parrots from the patio and I had a tresure chest.  I bought an unfinished trunk from Joann's, stained it and filled it with gold goblets, gold coins, rings, beads, telescopes and pirate patches (all from OTC).  The kids were yelling  we are rich" as soon as they saw it.

We played pin the jelly fish in Spongebob's net.  I had bought an inflatable spongebob bop bag with his mouth able to catch Krabby patties and we had a spongebob pinata. 

The grab bags were yellow gift bags.  I printed up Thank you for coming to Joshua's party with clip art of the characters.  In the bags were spongebob sidewalk chalk sea creatures the grow 600 times their size spongebob art kit ($ store) bouncy balls bubbles etc.  The kids loved them. 

The tables were cover with plastic tablecloths with hibiscus on them and the centerpieces were silk potted hibiscus.  Then I scattered ti leaves and seashells for decoration but it also helped secure the tablecloths.  I put an inflatable character at each table in one chair.  We had a cardboard cut out to stick your face in for pictures. 

The cake was a 1/4 sheet cake with yellow frosting with the spongebob kit with the arms and legs that stick out and Krusty Krab hat on.  I also had cupcakes with spongebob luau picks.  The plates and napkins were the spongebob luau napkins.  The kids were given the grab bags the pinata candy and toys and then each got a gold goblet pirate patch telescope rings and necklaces from the treasure chest. 

The kids had fun and so did the adults.  The kids were kept busy with the games and the water slide really helped.  The guest stayed for 5-6 hours we had to take out food again because everyone got hungry again!!!  We love spongebob. "

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