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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Party 7yr - Krabby Patty Relay




Janine in Moon Township, PA USA


May 2007


Honorable Mention

For my son Tyler's 7th birthday, he insisted on having a Spongebob Party. 

For the invitations, I created cards on the computer saying, Are you ready, kids????  To Celebrate Tyler's 7th Birthday!.  We also included:  Destination:  Bikini Bottom (our home address) Cast Off: Date of Party Dive Time:  Time of Party 

For decorations, we attempted to turn the place into the Krusty Krab.  I got a few plastic life preservers from Oriental Trading and put one on the door saying Welcome to Bikini Bottom.  When the kids arrived at the party, we gave each boy a lei (got these from the local dollar store).  I transformed our dining room into the Krusty Krab.  I set up card tables so we had several tables to resemble a restaurant.  I found pineapple centerpieces and yellow balloons to put at each of the tables. 

I also moved my wine rack over to the entrance to the kitchen and dining room area to serve as a hostess station.  When it was time to eat, we served pizza and chips, etc..  I had the kids line up by the hostess station and we pretended to seat the kids and then take their orders using notepads.  The kids loved this idea and they all wanted to take turns being the servers (i.e., serving the juice boxes and pizza to the other kids).  For dessert, I made the Wilton SpongeBob cake.  The kids loved it.  They were again anxious to be the servers by delivering the cake and ice cream to the other kids.   

For games, we played a game called the Krabby Patty Relay Race.  We had about 15 boys so we broke into 3 teams of 5 each.  We set up 3 lines with tv trays set up at both ends of each line.  On the far tables, we placed real hamburger buns and pretend burgers and cheese slices (from McDonald's play food), as well as a set of oven mitts and a spatula.  For each team, we had half the team on the start of the line and the other half at the far tables (where the food and mitts were originally placed). 

Then, we started the relay race.  The first kid for each team had to run up to their table, make the krabby patty (bun with burger and cheese), put the mitts on and then run with the patty on their spatula back to the starting table.  Then, they took everything off, set it down on the table and the next child in line repeated the process.  You kept going until everyone on your team did it.  The kids really got into it.  We had so much fun with this that we ended up playing a second time.    We also got a SpongeBob pinata.  All the kids enjoyed taking a turn trying to smash the pinata. 

For the end of the party, we put in the SpongeBob movie.  This worked well because we had an evening party and we kept the kids occupied until their parents finished their night out and were able to pick them up.  I had also planned to have the kids do the fill-in-the-blank stories.  They are similar to Mad Libs but are SpongeBob themed.  I found them on the Nick website.  I was planning to break the boys into 2 groups and have each group try to write up the silliest story.  We just never got around to playing this game. 

For the party favors, I bought the SpongeBob favor bags from the local party supply store.  I included SpongeBob Cheezits, SpongeBob gummy bears and SpongeBob mini krabby patties.  I also created individualized bookmarks for each child since most of the boys were in 1st grade and starting to really get into reading.  I created the bookmarks on the computer using a picture of SpongeBob and typed each child's name.  After the bookmarks were printed out, I had them laminated.   

The party was a success and my son loved it.  We even heard from several of the kids moms saying how much their child enjoyed the party and were still talking about it.

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