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Splash Party

Water Fun Party -11yr- Water Guns & Balloons




Susan in Snyder, Texas United States


May 2008


Honorable Mention

For my son's 11th birthday, he wanted a party that involved water, so I planned a water fun party.

I made the invitations using different shades of blue card stock and cut it to look like a splash of water. On the front I wrote Let's have a splash of fun. Inside I wrote the date, time, place and RSVP number and at the bottom, I stated Come in your swimwear and be prepared to get wet.

For decorations I use different shades of blue streamers and balloons and decorate our carport. I made a banner out of newspaper roll by splattering it with blue paint to resemble water and wrote in large letters Happy 11th Birthday Alex. Hope it's a splash!!

I covered the tables with the newspaper roll with splattered paint. For center pieces on each table, I filled some balloons with helium at our local Wal-mart and used a small water gun as weight. For party ware, I bought Dixie plates that were white with blue and green dots print (which looked like water spots), clear Dixie cups with same print for the sundaes and blue cups for the drinks, for napkins I got Mardi Gras brand because they had a print of a sailboat that was blue and green and I got clear plastic forks and spoons.

We played five games. The first game: I let each kid pick out a pre - filled water gun and a hotwheel car. I marked two lines on the cement, one starting line, and one finish line. They had to lie down on their bellies and use the water guns to push the car over the finish line. Winner got a prize.

Second game: I filled up lots of water balloons and had the kids form a circle, then had them toss a water balloon to the kid next to them. If it busted, you were out. Slowly I added more balloons for them to toss. The last one standing won.

Third game: I filled a large ice chest up with water and put some water balloons inside. Each kid had to hold their hands behind their back and use their mouth to dive in and get as many waters balloons as they could in one minute. Whoever got the most, won a prize.

Fourth game: I used a wooden board and two buckets. I placed the board on the buckets and lined lego blocks along the board. I used varying heights of lego blocks. I provided a water gun and each child had 30 seconds to shoot down as many legos as they could, winner won a prize. 

Fifth game: I had the kids choose a partner; one was the thrower and the other was the catcher.  I had wire baskets and the catcher had to hold the wire basket on their head while the thrower had to toss water balloons to their partner. Whichever team caught the most balloons in one minute won a prize. After the games, the children played on the slip and slide, with the water guns or the water balloons until the food was done. I also provided a small pool for the little kids who came with their parents.

For food we grilled hamburgers on the grill, had all the hamburger fixings, and Doritos chips. For drinks we had tea and a punch. The punch was made with cherry kool-aid and pineapple juice. Since we have many birthday parties to attend, my son was burned out on the tradition cake and ice cream. So I made chocolate chip cookie dough and spread it out on a large cookie sheet to make on gigantic cookie. I bought those birthday candy letters which were blue and green and spelled out Happy 11th Birthday Alex and I used blue candles. We sang Happy Birthday and he blew out the candles.

We also had ice cream sundaes. I used the clear Dixie cups and put three scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sprinkles, m& m candies, chocolate syrup and a piece of the cookie in each cup. The kids loved it. As party favors, I found some blue cellophane bags at Dollar Tree and filled each with bubble gum, blow pop suckers, small water guns, water balloons, tattoos, smarty candies, sweet tarts and shark fruit snacks. Everyone had so much fun that the party ended up lasting for almost five hours!!!

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