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Fun in Sun Party (10-13yr) Plastic Beach Buckets




Emma in NY, USA


May 2007



Here's a great fun in the sun party-it can be for a b-day, going away party, or just a summer fun party! The best part is, you dont even need a pool or beach, just a yrad!

INVITATIONS: On different color construction paper, cut out beach pails and glue on little shovels. On the reverse side, write All the informationthe guest should know, such as time, place, ect. Tell the guest to waer a swim suit and bring a towel with them.

DECORATIONS: Places like oriental trading and party city have great luau decorations that are perfect and inexpensive for this theme. You can hang up garland, Put around candles (citronella candles are nice too because they repel misquitos), and even holiday lights if the party is in the evening.

GAMES/ACTIVITIES/CRAFTS: One activity you can do is the slip-n'-slide. Slip-n-slides are plastic mats about 14' long that you attach your hose to and slide on. They can be purchased at toys r us for about $8, but I saw one @ CVS for $10. They're really fun, but you should lay a shet or something underneath it or use a junky part of the lawn b/c/ they can really mess up the lawn. Another fun thing is water balloons. You can fill these up in advance and have teams during the party. These can also be obtained from toy stores, CVS (and other drugstores), and some even come with catapults for even more fun! Another thing similar to water balloons is water guns. Use ones from home, neighbors, or buy some. Those are fun too and not as messy as water balloons.

If the party is  small with only like 6 people, you could buy a blow up pool for $20 at toys r us, walmart, target, ect. They're funner then they seem once the party starts. One craft could be to  decorate a flip flop cut out. Buy a piece of blank poster board or cardboard and cut out  flip flops for the # of guests coming. Then get stickers, Glitter glue, Glitter, and a bunch of other craft supplies.  Have everyone write their name on it and decorate away. Other games could be volleyball or you can  have a dance contest. Also, another great game is a scavenger hunt! Not one of those around the house ones, but a neighborhood one! Have a list in advance and make 2 teams. Have one team go in 1 direction and another go a different direction. People  go to other's houses and ask for things like a clean diaper, an empty soda can, an old magazine be creative!! The first team back wins (buy litte prizes for the winning team).

FOOD: Have a barbeque! Make hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries to keep the theme going. For snacks, put out pretzals, cheetos, doritos, ect. Drink things like iced tea, lemonade, and water. Try to not drink a lot of soda. Also, you could make smoothies or slushies with a blender.

DESSERT: Make or buy a cake. One idea is to make an ocean cake: Make a rectangle cake and frost it with blue frosting. Buy little toppers such as fish, people, floaties, ect. If you have one, put a little boat on it.

GOODIE BAGS: Buy plastic beach buckets For every guest. Write their names on them. Fill the buckets with fun items! Put things like: Candy, Pinwheels, chalk, sunglassses, stickers, flip flops, water guns, ect.  ALSO look around on other sites for more ideas!

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