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Spiderman Party

Spiderman Party 5yr - Spidey Favors




Jen in Peoria, Arizona, USA


December 2008


Honorable Mention

For my son's 5th Birthday party, he loves Spiderman, so I knew he wanted this to be the theme and I started planning about 5 months ahead of time. Because I had the time, I could break up the cost of the party by picking up things as time went. The .99 Store had great reuseable plastic Spiderman cups that the kids used. I also found a lot of Spiderman goody bag stuff - books, coloring books, bouncy balls, pens, growing Spiderman thingys. Also Target's $1.00 section had a ton of Spiderman things. At Halloween Walmart had the Spiderman Trick or Treat bags for $.50. They were the perfect size for all of the goodies I had picked up.  

INVITATIONS- Created on the computer with some fanastic Spiderman graphics/webs, great design read:  Hey Spidey-fans!  Get ready for another spine-tingling,  action-packed adventure with your favorite  wall-crawling super hero!  Spider-man is on a mission to let First Name's friends  know they are invited to his 5th birthday celebration.   First Name/LastName wants you to join him on  Saturday, December 6th at 1:00 p.m.  at his house for some web-slinging,  wall-crawling birthday fun!   Call his Mom at (xxx)xxx-xxxx to  RSVP as soon as possible!   Say you'll hang out with us!  Hope to see you there! Our home address 

DECORATIONS- I took a photo of my son in his Spiderman costume and on the computer added the words -Swing on In for Some Fun. I had a large poster printed at Walmart and put it on the front door. I also order from Shindigz a large plastic spider web entry decor and had that over the front door. I burned Spiderman music and had Spiderman music playing on the front courtyard and outside in the back where the party was being held. I also purchased from www.kideo.com the I Am Spiderman video - they superimposed my son's face throughout their Spiderman movie so he was Spiderman. I played the movie as the party was going on.

I had Spiderman and Marvel superhero posters throughout the house. At Party City -they had great wall decor - one was a large one of Spiderman and a seperate one was of another superhero. I also bought the large Happy Birthday Superhero one and hung it on the window outside by the lunch tables. I drew a large spider on black poster boards and cut them out and taped them on the wall throughout the house.

On several tables in the house - I had red and blue table cloths and then through www.orientaltrading.com at Halloween time I purchased clear table cloths that had black spider and spiderwebs. So on the tables throughout the house and the children sized lunch tables - I had that draped. I hung cobwebs in the entry way with big spiders. And also in the half bath was all decked out with cobwebs and spiders.

My son's birthdy is near Christmas, so I have 2 small Christmas trees in our kitchen area and I found at Kmart.com Spiderman Christmas lights - so I hung the lights on the trees, wrapped red tulle throughout the tree and at Joanne's Fabric I found THE PERFECT red silky fabric that had the same type of black webbing that is on Spiderman's costume, so I just bunched the fabric up around the base of the trees and that was the tree skirt...it was darling! The kids ate at 2 low to the ground long tables and along with the spider table skirts, I had children sized chairs with alternating red and blue tulle tied to the back of the chairs.

I had an area where he opened up presents with a big decorated sign that said, Web Corner."  We had a large Spiderman bouncy and some other Spiderman toys and the kids just played in the backyard the entire time.  I had a buffet lunch set up- I ordered Chickafila nuggets chicken salad sandwiches chips dips fruit veggies and served the kids Spiderman Power Punch (red Hawaiian Punch) and Green Goblin Juice (Green Juice). They loved it and had fun picking their drink.  

CAKE- I'm a big cake person and each year I have a fanastic baker create whatever themed cake we have going. For this party she did a 2-tiered skyscraper with a street below. I found the Spiderman squatting candle at Party City and we put that on top of the building. I put some of my son's cars down on the road beneath the cake. It was fabulous! 

PRESENTS/SPIDERMAN VISIT My son opened up his presents from his friends and the last present was a note from Spiderman that read: There is one more present left. Gather up your friend and head outside for your surprise.  Love Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman  Seveal months before the paryt I checked into hiring someone to come dressed as Spiderman. It was very pricey and the thought of having a strange man come into our house sort of freaked me out. So I talked a friend of mine's husband into dressing in the costume and playing the part. I found the suit on Ebay for cheap (new suit!) and he waited for the kids outside with my son's new Spiderman bike. He took pictures with the kids and they loved it!  The kids just played and bounced. It was a great party!"

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