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Spiderman Party

Spiderman Party 5yr - Spidey Web Walk




Cassie in APO AE (Germany)


April 2006



We just got finished celebrating my son's 5th birthday! This year he wanted a Spiderman party. We ended up with 9 girls and 2 boys. Here's how it worked out.

Decorations: We used the Spiderman partyware from Birthday Express. I used the streamers to create 3 giant spiderwebs on the ceiling. We also had a group of skyscrapers and other buildings my husband had made out of wood and painted. He used my son's spiderman toys to place on the buildings so it looked like spidey was crawling up! They looked very cool and stood about 3-4 feet high.

We also made a pinata of the Green Goblin. Games/Crafts:

For the first game we did a "web walk" (cake walk). For this game, I used pieces of colored construction paper. Then I drew big spider webs on each one. I cut out various spiderman villans and glued one on each spiderweb. The kids walked around in a circle and when the music stopped I called out a bad guy. Then that child won a prize. We played this until all the kids had won something.

Next we played a web slinger game. I bought sticky spiderwebs from OTC. I spread out cut outs of all sorts of Spiderman bad guys on the floor (they were supposed to go on the wall, but i ran out of set up time- but it worked out fine). The kids used their sticky webs to catch the bad guys (they held on to one end and threw the other end towards the pictures of bad guys to see which ones would stick to the web). The kids enjoyed this one. Though it quickly turned into catch the balloon with the sticky web (which was really cool)and finally catch each other!

After those games, we ate lunch -- hot dogs and chips.

Then we made a craft, superhero masks. We had cut out masks on various colors of thick construction paper. The kids decorated with pens, jewels, glitter, etc.

Next it was time for the pinata. After the pinata, we ate cake and opened presents. I made a round cake with graham cracker buildings around it. We put a Doc Ock toy in the middle and spiderman on the outside of the cake. It looked like he was climbing the building. I made the frosting green to look like grass around the buildings.

The cake turned out much better than I expected. When it was time for the kids to go, they each received a goody bag with Spiderman Fruit snacks, spider rings, spiderman stickers and a big bouncy ball.

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