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Spa Day Party

Spa Sleepover Party -10yr- Cotton Ball Relay




Nancy in La Prairie, Quebec, Canada


June 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daugther Claudia's 10th birthday, she wanted a bit of everything.  So we decided to combine spa, sleepover, scrapbooking and beading all in one. 

INVITATIONS:  The invitations were made out of a shape of a slipper.  I took one of my daugther's slippers, traced it and cut it out with cardstock.  Then I got some fake fur at Wall-Mart and glued on the cardstock and decorated the slipper.  When you opened up the slipper, all the information for the party was written inside. 

DECORATIONS:  I decided that I was going to have it all in the same room.  The color theme was purple and white.  I decorated with purple and white streamers, balloons, and set up chair and table for the spa and the workshops. 

GAMES: The first game was the cotton ball relay.  I filled up a bowl of cotton balls on the table, one by one, they had to use a plastic spoon in their mouth with their hands behind their back, had 2 minutes to try and get the cotton ball in the spoon, then turn around and drop the cotton ball in another bowl.  You needed to have balance and precision.  The girl that had the most cotton balls was the winner. 

Second game was make up sponge game.  Each girl at 6 makeup remove sponges and had to try to throw as many sponges as they can in a bucket.  The girl that got the most sponges in the bucket was the winner.  Third game was the hairdo game.  I found a picture of Samjaha from American Idol with his mohawk hairdo on the net and the girls had to reproduce the same hairdo..So in teams of two, they had 8 elastics each, one brush and had 10 minutes to look like Samjaha.  Then they would switch and it was the other girl's turn to get her hair done.  The team that ressembled Samjaha the most was the winner. 

Then we played the Sleeping Bag game.  Its the same thing as musical chairs but with sleeping bags.  Then it finally got dark out, I turned off all the lights and then the girls played limbo in the dark.  I purchased fluorescent necklaces which I attached together from the dollar store and then had music blasting and the girls would limbo in the dark until the last one. As prices for each of the games, I had purchased makeup from the L'Oreal sale in the Spring.  Lipgloss, eye shadow, blush, etc. etc. 

Finally it was time to eat.  I decided to go with finger food.  I made little egg and ham sandwiches, rolled up pickle and olive sandwiches (they were a hit) and the simplest thing to make... Veggies and dip, chicken wings, mozzarella cheese sticks, macaroni salad, nachos and cheese and cold pizza.  For dessert instead of the traditionnal birthday cake, each girl got a little strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. 

Claudia opened her gifts and finally we started the spa... All the girls got their nails done, while I was doing the nails, the girls would sit back and relax and read their favorite magazine.  Afterwards, they each got a facial done (purchased at Wall-Mart).  Then you can't have a party withough doing crafts..  So I had decided to go with two projects, the sea salt bath project and the flip flop project.  Each girl received a bowl of sea salt bath which they died and scented the color of their choice(use food coloring for the die and purchased scented soal oil at the craft store). 

Once they were done, they got a plain glass jar (also purchased at the dollar store) which they had to decorate with beads, stickers, buttons and ribbons.  Once they were finished, they transferred their sea salt into the jar.  Another fun project was the flip flop project. 

Each girl received a pair of flip flops also purchased at the dollar store.  I also got tons of ribbons to match the color of the flip flops.  In order to save time, I had prepared each a kit with all the ribbons cut.  I also purchased beautiful flowers from the scrapbook store to put on top of the flip flop.  The girls had to tie all their ribbons to the straps of their flip flops and make knots and then with the glue gun, insert the flower in the middle of the flip flop. It was a very fun project and their girls wore the flip flops all night instead of slippers. 

Finally the girls watched a movie, laughted and giggles until all hours of the night.  For breakfast, I had made pancakes and fruit brochettes along with donuts that one of the moms had dropped off.  The girls finally left around 12. As for the favor bag, they all received bath gel, a beaded jewerly box and inside they each had a friendship necklace with four charms that said best friends" with two hearts.  The girls wear it to school everyday.  The girls really had a good time and Claudia can't wait for her next birthday.   "

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