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Spa Day Party

Spa Slumber Party (11-13yr) Relaxation Station




Brooke in Bloomington, Illinois USA


January 2006


Special Mention

This party is great for girls ages 11-13 with about 5 friends (including your daughter it's 6 people and an even number of people is always great for birthdays). This is a Spa Slumber Party Mall Extravaganza!

INVITATIONS: Using pink construction paper or cardstock cut slipper shapes. Using a lighter color pink make a band, glue the band about a 1/4 of the way down from the top, decorate the band with blue and icy colored marabou, fuzzy pipe cleaners, and pom-poms. Write the party details on the sole of the shoe, and the title on the space above the band. A fun name for the party is "It's a Spa Night!" Be sure to ask guests to bring sleeping bags, and their pj's.

DECORATIONS: Use light blue, dark blue, light green, and pink crepe paper, and baloons. Using cardboard cut different sized circles, then wrap each one with blue celophane, cut a small hole at the top of each one tie together with fishing string and hang from the ceiling. To serve the food I recomend having a buffet table, use more light blue celophane, or a light blue table cloth tie the edges with pink bows, down the center sprinkle spa colored confeeti. In the middle of the room have a table decorated the same way as the buffet table except use pink celophane or tablecloth instead of blue. On the back of each chair tie one light blue baloon, one light green baloon, and one dark baloon toghether. Use dark blue plates and napkins, and use clear plastic utensils.

FOOD: Chocolate "spaberries" Wash and dry strawberries, then dip halfway into melted white or dark chocolate, place on wax paper and alow to dry, once dry drizzle the opposite color chocolate on top, alow to dry in refrigerator. Fruit kabobs, on bamboo skewers place pinapple chunks, grapes, watermelon chuncks, and strawberries for a cute serving idea hollow out a pineapple and place skewers in it. Cotton Balls bake frozen puff pastry shells.Cool. Fill with whipped topping and sift on powdered sugar. Eye Cucumbers. Mix one 8 ounce package cream cheese one package dry ranch dressing mix and a 1/2 cup sour cream. Split and toast mini bagels top with mixture, add a cucumber with fresh dill. Wrap station set out differnt flavored tortillas , meats vegeteables, cheese, and spreads allow girls to make their own wraps. Fill alarge bowl with ice and helthy drinks like fruit juices, natural sodas, and of course water. Cake: Make two 8 inch round cakes with your choice of flavor, use buttercream frosting, then put white rolled fondant on top, using the colors of your party make circles of fondant and attach them to the cake.

GAMES and ACTIVITIES: Set up three different stations manicures, pedicures and facials. For the facials before the party mash 3 bannanas with 1 1/2 Tablespoons of honey store in refrigerator until party time.

1. Exfoliate: Pour a small amount of coprnmeal into your hand, mix with warm water and gently rub onto your face, finse with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel

2. Refresh Rub premade bannana mask all over your face. Lie down on your sleeeping bag for about 15 minutes with cucumbers over your eyes. Rinse face with warm water Hands

1. Scrub Pour a small amount of white sugar into the palm of one hand, mix with baby oil, then rub mixture all over your hands rinse with warm water and pat dry with aclean towel.

2. Soak Remove nail polish soak fingertips in abowl with 1 cup of warm milk and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for 5-10 minutes Rinse off and dry

3. Massage Dab olive oil into cuticle area rub in

4. Paint Have an assortment of nail polish availble so everyone can take turns doing each others nails.

Hair 1. Curls Use one inch wide fabric strips i inch longer than your hair, pick up a small section of hair hold one end of the fabric strip close to head run it alongside the hair section, wrap hair around strip bring up other end tie at scalp, sleep with these in the morning untie and have a head full of curls.

Games: Gater pairs of spa items, cotton balls, shampoos, lotions, nail polish, lipstick, etc. Place a variety of items in paper sacks for each girl, no one should get two of the same things. Players take turns asking each other if they have acertain item, first person with all of their items matched is the winner. One person at a time have them write down something about themselves can be true or untrue. Each person writes down weather they think it is true or not. Give one point to the person each time that guessed correctly if no one does the person gets the point. When the first person gets to 6 she is declared the winner.

Bring out a bag of spa supplies for 30 seconds tehn take it away have everyone write down as many items as they can remember, then bring it back out, the person with the most correct gets to chose out of the basket. When all of the guests have arrived give each person 500 dollars play money and decie 5 words they are not alloe to say at the party like cake birthday ice cream if someone catches you saying it they take 100 dollars of your funny money, at the end of the party the person with the most money is the winner. Chose one topic, a certain person must talk about that topic for 30 seconds without stopping.

Relaxation station give each girl a hand held roller have guests sit in a row and do each others backs. Right before bedtime divide the girls into 2 groups give each group a bottle of different flavored lotion give the groups 20-30 minutes to come up with a commercial to sell the product, before hitting the hay watch each others commercials. Lotion sampler supply a variety of lotions for guests to try throughout the night. Paste test have different flavors and colors of toothpaste for girls to try out.

FAVORS: For game winners I recomend giving out 5 dollar gift cards. Goody bags in a washcloth place lip gloss travel sized lotion etc. Breakfast: Make smoothies put 1/2 cup frozen fruit, 1/3 cup of orange juice, 1 single serving container of yogurt, and 4-5 ice cubes in a blender, blend on high until smooth. Serves 2. While eating breakfast have and getting dressed have a yoga tape playing.

For a special surprise at about noon have a limo pick the girls  up and drive them to the nearest mall or drive them yourselve. Divide the girls into 2 teams give them each 25 dollars a list of items and a caculator give them an hour to find all of the things on the list the winner is the person with the least amount of money spent and has all of the items. Before having the limo pick the girls back up have the girls get their picture taken together. You can either have the limo drop each girl off at their house of go back to your house and have the parents pick them up.

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