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Ben in Portsmouth,VA,USA


August 2007


Honorable Mention

Sonic The Hedgehog Party: For my Tenth birthday party (which was in May), I decided to have a Sonic The Hedgehog party.

For invitations, I bought little flat chocolate bars, removed the paper wrapper and created wrappers of my own on the computer, which included the info, a picture of me and my friends, and the Sonic X logo.

I had little confetti everywhere, and pictures of Sonic up on the wall. I had blown up 30 balloons. When everyone arrived, I handed them little gift bags which had in them gloves a Sneakers, a few little lollies, a balloon and a party popper.

We watched a video of Sonic in order to prepare us for the next step: Playing Sonic! We got a trampoline and set up the backyard for outdoor fun. I had them choose the character they wanted to portray and then gave them a mask, dubbing them that character for the day. The kids loved it!

After a bit of bouncing, I announced that we were going to pretend we were in a video game and they were the characters they had selected. I told them this was a brand new game called Sonic heroes 10 (birthday boy was 10)  that consisted on several progressively more difficult levels.  The first level consisted of seeking 3 chaos emeralds in different colors (large colored gem" stones used in crafts or aquariums). 

The second level was running an obstacle course set up around the back yard twice.  Each time they earned 3 rings for a total of 6 rings (Buy rings). The course consisted of weaving through cones walking 2x4 planks dancing through hula hoops laid out on the ground throwing balls through hoops crawling through tunnels jumping hurdles dodging large balls shooting air rockets and shooting basketball hoops.

Level three was retrieving pieces of the master emerald that Dr.Eggman had placed in balloons.  First we stomped the balloons in the driveway (concrete did a lot of the work) then scrambled for the results.

The fourth level was the obstacle course again only this time they had to first go through as fast as possible and then had to go through backwards. There results were hilarious.

Finally we came to the "boss" level. First they had to run the obstacle course as fast as possible while all the adults chased them with water guns & balls etc. Then we had them choose sides.  Some kids wanted to be the "bad" guys some the "good" guys with a good old fashioned water balloon fight. We all got pounded! Comments) then walked back to have dinner which consisted of McSonic: "Sonic Kids meals".

I put hamburger or chicken nuggets fries Soda drink small desert and a prize (crayons and markers Of course) in a paper lunch bag. I also have the kids decorate the bags. SonicBurgers. Nux's Nuggets. Tails Fishy O Filet. Cream's Milkshake.  Drink's: Amy's Sweet Tea Pepsi Dr.Pepper Mt.Dew Sonic Wings (chicken wings in Blue sauce) Potato chaos emeralds and Sonic Bread (French Bread).

After dinner we played a game of pass the ring and a game of "Pin the Ring on Sonic" (I downloaded a picture of Sonic off The internet and taped it to a pin board. I gave everyone little Paper Rings with their name on it).  After that we played Pinata Soccer. I had covered 5 blown up balloons with papier-mch© and then when dry cut a hole in and filled with a little bag of lollies and a few homemade minis Ring. I then covered the papier-mch© "eggs" with paints using the colors of the rainbow. I gave each of my friends one of these on the night and we kicked/punched/headbutted them around until they broke. They put the lollies into their bags. 

After this everyone went home. 6 months later we still talk about this party. It was nice to be able to have some fun with my friends as most kids our age are into. "

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