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Cheetah Girls Party

Sonic Hedgehog Party - Sonic Triva Game






Dec. 2003



SONIC THE HEDGEHOG PARTY:First we pulled out sterlin's old sonic costume(It was home made).then we made inventations to the kids.We told them to check of which caracter you want to be and the first leyer we receive  the person  gets  to dress as the person they want(If you think it is un fair you can suck on a lemon).We hired a Dr.Robotnick.

The first game was called Ring Quest.  We split the kids into groups.  The First team turns in 50 rings gets a chaos emerald (the first team to get all 7 eneralds in ALL the games wins for the day)  We dressed Sterlin,my son in his sonic costume and we made a giant robot for the Doctor get inside. 

The next game was trivia.You ask questions about the character they are dressed in (You get four emeralds if you are the last person stranding (if you get three questions wroung)).

Then there is drawing time who ever makes the most pictures in one hour and did a nice job wins(2emeralds).Then we  went into the bach yard for the final showdown between Sterlin and Robotnick.Sterlin had to hit him 8 times with a sling shot.

Finally we went to the table to eat. We had pizza,chilidogs,chicken,and more. Then we opened gifts.when every one was gone Sterlin told me and Jackie this was the best birth day ever

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