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Soccer Party

Indoor Soccer Party -7yr- Pass the Soccer Ball




Durba in Bangalore, Karnataka, India


October 2010



This year, for my son's 7th birthday we had a soccer theme birthday at home.  Apart from a very enthusiastic seven year old, what made me go with the soccer theme was that his birthday fell during the FIFA world cup 2010. He has been asking for soccer studs for a long time. So, that was to be his birthday gift.  The indulgent dad had picked up a soccer jersey too and now we had perfect outfit for the party.  Soccer is in the air and is being played every evening in the playground by the little ones of the neighborhood.

CHALLENGES  huge guest list around 30 kids between 5 to 10 years.  Indoor party to be held in the living room of my apartment.  Not much of inexpensive soccer merchandise available in my city. A color printer saved the day.  

INVITES  Designed a card with soccer clipart and the words My Birthday is Here ..Let us kick up some FUN as I grow older by a year! Kickoff: party time; Stadium: our address.  Took printouts on green paper and then pasted them on cardstock.  Decorated store-bought envelopes with cutouts of small soccer ball printouts. 

DECORATIONS  A banner saying Birthday Boy's Party Stadium greeted guests at the front door.  Soccer ball stamped whistles on the key stand (later given as a party favor)  Loads of streamers formed a canopy over my drawing room.  Soccer ball printouts (hand painted by dad) stuck over cardboard discs were hung from the ceiling.  An old appliance box was covered with green crepe paper and put into service as goal challenge. Green plastic sheet in front of that gave the feel of a turf.  The dining table was again covered with green crepe paper and soccer clipart stuck strategically.  A few posters of some soccer players adorned the walls.  A soccer shaped cake was store bought. 

GAMES  We started with the goal challenge till all the kids arrived.  Pass the soccer ball, a version of passing the parcel. If you were caught with the ball, you had to answer a soccer related question or do a little jig.   After the cake cutting, we played a version of Simon says as coach says.. Till the food was served.  Soccer shaped chocolates were handed out during the games. 

FOOD  Standard fare of popcorn, pizza, potato wedges, cake, and drinks.  Party favors  Small soccer balls and whistles   The kids had a great time and the birthday boy mumbled sleepily as he went to bed awesome party, ma.

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