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Soccer Party

Soccer Party -7yr- World Cup Soccer




Daria in p.pleasant, nj, usa


July 2007



My son loves soccer and this year he told me he wanted a soccer party. I already knew he wanted to invite his soccer team. Because the invitations were going to be hand delivered   my idea was now made possible.

For the invitations I got about 20 small (size 3) soccer balls, all in white. I sent them to a printing company, and on the ball they printed: Cristiano is turning 7 please come join us for this special occasion your in for a little surprise if you can make it! And then he told them where and when it was at. Everyone was able to make it.

My backyard is pretty big so my husband (with white spray paint)made a pro- sized soccer field. When the boys arrived I told them to go inside and change.( In the living room there was exactly 18 bags with uniforms in it. There was a name on the bag and the child was to dress up in that uniform.)Each bag consisted of a jersey, shorts, shin guards, cleats, and socks.

Every child played for a different country. It was 1 versus 1 in the world cup.The champion got to keep the game ball. (Even though at the end everyone else got a ball...it wasn't the same one though.)    For food I got a resturaunt to come and cater, it was a buffet of kid food like pizza rolls hot dogs ect.

Then the cake was store bought ice-cream cake. It was a soccer field with little soccer players on it.

Then (the parents already knew a week in advance)i surprised the kids including my son by telling them that they could sleepover. Every child wanted to so we had an 18 kid sleepover. Every child woke up the next morning to breakfast in sleeping bag. They chose there breakfast and my husband went to the market and got all the supplies. It was the best party I have ever made for my son.

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