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Sleeping Beauty Party

Sleeping Beauty Party -4yr- Tiara Craft




Renay in San Jose, CA  USA


September 2004


Honorable Mention

Sleeping Beauty Party - 4 year old girl   Rather than have a general princess party, we were a little more specific and had a Sleeping Beauty Party.  If your daughter loves Sleeping Beauty and you want to be a little creative without too much work, than this party idea is for you. 

For invitations, I made my own (which really saved money) but took a little more time on my part.  I went online and did a search for Sleeping Beauty clip art  and found a website with graphics for an invitation.  You could also buy stickers but I decided to print images directly on the invitation.  I used the 3 fairies at the top of the invitation (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather), wrote the text underneath and then cut and pasted an image of Sleeping Beauty with a rose at the bottom.  I had to resize the images a bit.  Then for the wording.. So cute:  Once upon a dream, the three fairies bestowed upon (Name of your child)a magical birthday celebration with all of her best friends.  Please make this dream come true and join the fun.  Day, Place, Time and RSVP and Come in Dress Up Attire. 

Then my daughter helped me put glitter glue at the tip of the wands of the fairies as to sprinkle fairy dust on the invitation.  I could have printed on cardstock from the scrapbook store but got lucky and found blank pink invitation cardstock with envelopes at a really nice invitation store on sale at 75% off (total paper cost was $3.00.. Just luck).  When the guests arrived in costume of course we stared with crafts.   I set up 2 tables outside on the patio for crafts. (we don't have a yard just a patio so the party would be 1/2 outdoors and 1/2 indoors). 

One craft was stringing Princess bead necklaces that I got at the Disney store during their Summer Sale.  Since they were only 4, I precut the plastic necklace cord, attached one clasp and presorted the beads in baggies.  Each child picked their baggie and strung beads and the mother's attached the end clasp.  I also had a table to make tiara's (Tiara craft from Oriental Trading).  I tested out the glitter glue ahead and realized it wouldn't dry in time so I used Tacky glue for them to glue on jewels.  4 year olds don't have great glue control so I put the glue in bowls and had them use q-tips.. Worked great.  Then I had a helper put the glitter glue on lightly (to dry in time)for decoration. 

After they did the craft, Sleeping Beauty arrived for the show.  She performed a magic show and played games for about 45 minutes, then did face painting during lunch (pizza with lemonade).  She was a great performer hired from a local company.  I had Sleeping Beauty do one extra game specific to our theme. 

Game: All the girls had to prick their finger on the spinning wheel (I got a photo online, cut it out and glued it to a lollipop stick ) and then go around the house and pretend to fall asleep.  Sleeping Beauty then gave each of them a candy red rose (Oriental Trading) to hold.  Then my husband, Prince Phillip, went around on his stick pony and red cape (I made) and gave each one a Hershey kiss to awaken them.  When he got to his daughter he really kissed her.  They loved this!! 

We did cake after lunch.  The cake was fabulous.  I purchased the Sleeping Beauty cake topper and brought it to the market bakery.  The baker decorated the cake with roses, glitter dust and with Sleeping Beauty and Philip dancing.  Then I had her put 10 roses on the side of the cake so each girl could have one (she added some toy rings also).. Great idea because little girls are always wanting the roses or whatever decoration is on the cake.. This way everyone got one.  It was $5 extra for the rings and roses and necklaces on the cake but worth it.   

For favors, I had them search.  I told them that the 3 Fairies left gifts for each of them.. Gift of beauty, gift of song, and loves first kiss breaks the spell.  Goodies were in 3 bags from each fairy.. Red cellophane bag - beauty (a Disney princess bracelet I found at Walgreens and body glitter), green cellophane bag - gift of song- plastic kazoo, blue cellophane bag - love's first kiss -- hershey kisses and wax lips. 

They loved the gifts and the hunt for them even more.  Oh.. I dressed up as Malificent and my husband was Prince Phillip.  Fun party.. Cute and with 10 girls all 4 years.. It worked out really well.

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