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Sleeping Beauty Party

Sleeping Beauty -5yr- Princess Hat Craft




Wendi in Ontario, California, U.S.A.


August 2002



I gave my daughter a Sleeping Beauty party for her 5th birthday.

For the invitations I found a picture online and then added Come help keep the magic alive, Taylor is turning 5!! On the inside I printed on vellum Hear ye Hear ye, all far and near are invited to a Royal Ball at Princess Taylor's Castle. Then I added a scroll and a Fairy sticker (either Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather) and also added Sleeping Beauty glitter stickers on the matching envelopes.

For the decorations I bought the large plates that matched the pink of Aurora's dress, and bought the Disney Princesses beverage napkins, tablecloth and cake plates.

When the little princesses and princes arrived, each was able to make their own princess hat (www.birthdayexpress.com) complete with jewels and tulle, or a crown (www.oriental.com).

After that we all had pizza and princess punch. Then the magician arrived and made balloon animals for all of the kids and turned my little princess into a bunny!! We had a Princess Castle cake for dessert (www.familyfun.com) and as each child left they got their favors, Light up glitter star wands, star nail polish (www.oriental.com) and Disney princess fruit snacks.

The boys got light up swords (www.oriental.com). All in all I think it was one of the best parties we have ever thrown and all ran smoothly!

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