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Kimberly in Gladstone, Missouri USA


September 2009


Special Mention

My daughter loves Elmo, so we had to have a party with Elmo for her 2nd birthday.  I picked Sesame Street as a theme so I could do more with the games and decorations. 

I sent out store bought INVITATIONS with Elmo on them.  I bought plates and napkins with different characters on them at the local party store.

For DECORATIONS I enlarged some of the characters on colored poster board.  I use an overhead.  I also made a Sesame Street sign and a letter of the day sign (first letter of the birthday girl's name) and number of the day sign (her age).  I scattered several Sesame Street toys on the tables.  As the families arrived, I had three activities set up for the kids and a quiz for the adults.  I used an overhead to enlarge pictures of Elmo, Oscar, and Cookie Monster and placed each at an ACTIVITY. 

ACTIVITY #1 I put Elmo by the Kitchen table.  Elmo had a quote saying  Elmo loves his crayon.  The kids could color two papers.  I picked a letter page (K for my daughter's first name) and a number page (2 for her age) from the Sesame Street web site. 

ACTIVITY #2 I put the top half of Oscar in a medium trash can.  I covered the trash can in aluminum foil to look like his metal can.  Oscar had a quote saying I love trash.  The kids threw empty food boxes and bottles (from my recycling) in the trash can. 

ACTIVITY #3 I taped Cookie Monster to a cardboard box.  Cookie Monster had a quote saying C is for Cookie.  I cut a hole in his mouth and through the box.  Then I made cardboard cookies with letters on them.  The kids had to feed Cookie Monster.  I made a tunnel along the back side of the box so the cookies would go through his mouth and out beside his feet into a cookie jar.  This way they could continue feeding him. 

The QUIZ, for the adults, was made up of multiple choice questions:

1. What is Rosita's full name?  Rosita, la Monstrua de las Cuevas (Rosita, the Monster of the Caves)  

2. What is Count's full name?  Count von Count 

3. What is Abby's full name?  Abby Cadabby 

4. Who was the host of Monsterpiece Theater?  Cookie Monster 

5. What is not a pet of Oscar the Grouch?  His pets are Slimey, a worm, and Fluffy, an elephant. 

6. What is the name of Bert's pet pigeon?  Bernice 

7. What does Ernie call his bathtub?  Bubbles 

8. Burt's favorite things DO NOT include what?  Burt's favorite things are bottle caps and baseball cards. 

9. Who did Oscar have visit his trash can?  Gina, the vet 

10. Where do Bert and Ernie live?  An apartment 

We ate dinner before playing the last game.  For DINNER we ate pizza, because it is Elmo's favorite food.  I also found juice boxes with the characters on them at the local store.  I made a CAKE of Elmo's head using a Wilson cake pan.  I didn't use stars to ice him.  I just whipped the icing to make it look like fur.  We also had individually packaged ice cream dots.  The dots were easier for the young kids scoop up. 

After dinner, I gave the answers to the quiz while the kids played the last GAME, Journey to Ernie.  I had clues to different places around the house.  Since Big Bird always does the seeking, I had the birthday girl carry a stuffed Big Bird.  The 1st card said For some breakfast, you won't have to go far.  I like to eat cereal before getting in the car.  (card - taped to a cereal box in pantry) "After brushing my teeth and washing my face I pick out my clothes from this little place." (card in closet) "Then off to church I go but before I leave I give my Mom a hug after tugging on her sleeve." (card- up my sleeve) "Home from church and time for a cold drink.  How about some water that is from the sink." (card on cup by sink)  "After dinner I have more work to do.  I have to do my laundry too. Look where I wash my clothes to find your next clue." (card on washer)  "Time now for a bath.  So far you have been lucky.  You might get a little closer if you find my Rubber Ducky."  (card - taped to rubber ducky in bathroom)  The last card said "Time to snuggle together. I'm feeling very tired. You'll find me with my blanket in the box by the fire." (Ernie and gift bags - in a large box by the fireplace) 

The GIFT BAGS were filled with crayons bubbles a cookie and a bag of gold fish.  They were each labeled:  Colorful Crayons from Elmo Bubbly bubbles from Ernie Chewy  Cookie from Cookie Monster Great Goldfish from Dorothy.  The bags were each a different color of paper lunch bag.  Then we opened presents.  The kids helped bring the presents to the birthday girl to open."

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