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Yohayra in Dorchester, MA, USA


December 2007


Special Mention

For my Daughter Jaelani's 2nd birthday I threw her an ELMO Party. She Loves ELMO! She had on a beautiful white dress with elmo on it that I bought on ebay I also bought a white bow for her hair and I had a small ceramic elmo face the size of a quater and I glued it on the bow it came out so cute she had on white shoes but I also had elmo slippers just in case she got tired of the shoes ... she was ELMO-LICIOUS!!!    

DECORATIONS I kept simple, I used Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Orange but I added Purple to make it a little more girlish this was the colors of the tablecloths, streamers, balloons and balloon weights. The Main table with the cake was everything Elmo the tablecloth, plates, cups, blowouts, napkins, banner and balloons mostly bought at iparty. I bought the invitations @ Kmart for $1.99 cheaper than iparty they wanted $4.99    

GAMES, I had the kids and adults play ELMO BINGO it was a BIG HIT, on a sheet of paper I had empty boxes four across and four down a total of 16 empty boxes, I wrote ELMO above the empty boxes just like a BINGO card, I then Drew Elmo above waving saying Birthday ELMO I gave everyone another sheet of paper with 25 words associated with the party ex. Gift, Candle, Elmo, music, the Birthday child's name … make copies, give one sheet to each person go around and make sure everyone is done (make sure they don't cheat I had a couple of those in the party..lol)

Then each person picks the 16 out of 25 words they choose and write it in any empty box they choose so no two cards would be alike this makes the game a little harder to win but everyone LOVED IT!! Use small candy as Bingo chips like I used smarties candy I gave everyone that was playing 2 rolls of smarties candy but, you can use m&m's plain or any small kind as long as they dissolve quick just in case a smaller child gets a hold of it (just make sure the players don't eat them before the game starts and believe me they will so have a lot aside…lol),

I made the call out cards out of index cards $ .97cents @ Walmart, I put them in a dark colored bag, I then started calling out the first of 25 cards whichever person calls out ELMO first wins and so on until you choose as many winners as you would like price $0 unless you have to go to the store to make copies. Most people have plain white paper, copier and printer at home. The kids played Pin the nose on ELMO I bought red card stock paper and I drew Elmo but left out the nose I also bought orange card stock paper and cut out a bunch of noses, its cheaper to make your own, the store bought is about $5.00 knowing after the party its going in the trash make your own for $2 or less.      

PRIZES, I gave out DOROTHY the GOLDFISH BOWLS I bought small glass bowls that you can find @ your local Walmart for less than $1, goldfish any kind you wish less than $1 try to buy them 2-3 days before the party unless you can get them the same day, a container of fish food about $1.50-$2 unless you buy for more than 5 fish then you will need a larger container and a box of sandwich bags $1 @ Walmart or any kind of small plastic clear bag would do, I then added about a tablespoon of fish food in each bag tied it up and attached it to the top of the rim of the bowl with a note saying: ELMO wants you to take good care of DOROTHY she needs Lots of LOVE, FOOD & Clean WATER. Buy the fish food this way parents won't have to rush to the store.   

ADULT PARTY FAVORS, I bought 25 magnetic wallet size picture frames for $.69cents each @ The Christmas tree shop this way they can put then on the refrigerator and 6- 5x7 pictures frames regular frames for $.89cents (same store) for the Grandparents and Godparents I used the larger ones for the Centerpieces as well, the picture was a little smaller than the frame so, I cut up some white card stock paper the size of the frame and I drew swirls around the sides using the same colors of the decorations, I then mounted the picture on top of the card stock and on the frame itself I put an Elmo sticker on the corner it was sooo cute I did the same for the larger frames..   

KIDS PARTY FAVORS, AGES 5 & UP, I collected the brown rolls that toilet paper is wrapped on, I then got Elmo wrapping paper $1 at the dollar store and just wrapped the outside of the roll. I then stuff candy inside and with cellophane paper $1, I wrapped it like a big candy tying the ends with ribbon $1… a BIG HIT, the kids thought it was so cool…   

AGES 1-4, I bought Elmo books $1, Elmo magic wash towels $1 all from the dollar store and I bought chips, cookies, lollipops and granola bars and put then in white gift bags I bought on sale 4 for $1 @ ACMoore, I then put an Elmo sticker on the front saying Elmo loved the party … we hope that you did too…thanks for helping us celebrate as (child's name) turned 2!"   UNDER 1 brush and comb set teethers and rattles (I also used some BABY ELMO items as well) all bought @ the Dollar store and Burlington Coat Factory..                

FOOD we ordered from a local Restaurant bought sodas and the juice box with elmo on the front for the kids and can't forget the ice cream..        

CAKE was bought at a bakery but I made CUPCAKES for the kids I bought edible Elmo faces.. BUT the kids didn't like the edibles so that's the first and last time I buy edibles BUT you can use the cupcake Elmo rings or picks they sell online next time I'll do that.. The party was ELMO-FABULOUS…"

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