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Sesame Street -2yr- Throw Trash at Oscar Game




Iram in Chicago, IL USA


May 2007


Special Mention

For my son's 2nd BD I decided to do a sesame street theme with special emphasis on Elmo since hes such a big fan.

INVITATIONS: I cut out two Elmo face shapes from red card stock. On the first sheet I put two large googly eyes, an orange pom pom nose & a black felt mouth. On the second sheet I printed a small poem (in which I asked everyone to wear red )& the party details. Then I cut a fish shape from yellow foam (Dorothy) to which I attached googly eyes on both sides. I then punched a hole in Dorothy & also the two Elmo faces. I tied the two Elmo faces along with a crayon & Dorothy with red curly ribbon such that the Dorothy was hanging down with some loose ribbon. I put an Elmo sticker on the envelope.

DECORATIONS: we had the party at a restaurant & got a pretty big room with round tables. I set up five tables with a different SS character on each one. Every table also has a SS lamp post sign,made of carpet rolls spray painted black with a white foam ball (Micheals)  for the light bulb. The sign on the lamp post was made from green & yellow poster board. On one side I wrote Sesame Street & on the other side I wrote the name of the character which was the center piece. We had a Elmo table which had the lamp post, my son's Elmo doll & a big fish bowl with a gold fish. I also added a couple of gift box ornaments in the fish bowl to portray that Dorothy was thinking about BD parties. In place of confetti I spread magnetic alphabets on the table.

The cookie monster table had another lamp post, a cookie monster doll & a jar full of cookies with cookies spread over the table. The Ernie table in addition to the lamp post had an Ernie doll along with a rubber ducky in an aluminium foil tub full of bubbles. (couldn't find anything for confetti for this table). The Oscar table had an Oscar doll in his garbage can with gummy worms spread around the table for his pet slimy. ( I made the Oscar myself. The garbage can was a baby formula can. When u peel off the label, the can is silver which makes a perfect garbage can. Oscar was made from a piece of fury green fabric that I found at Walmart. I simply made a ball of stuffing around which I wrapped the green fabric to make the head. I added googly eyes, yarn eye brows & a felt mouth. I then stuffed the base of the can with some newspaper & placed Oscar on top. I painted the lid silver & then glued it to the back of Oscar's head).

For the Big Bird table since I didn't have a big bird doll I just put a big nest (actually a twine wreath) in the center of the table & put 3 large foam eggs ( Micheals) in it. I also spread yellow feathers (Micheals) around the table. I also placed inflatable crayons (OTC) around the perimetry of the room. I also had an Elmo piniata hung in the center which added to the d├ęcor.

GAMES: 1-Ernie Rubber Ducky Game: was simply my son's inflatable tub filled with small BD rubber duckies (OTC). A few of the duckies had Elmo stickers under them. All the kids picked a duckie & the ones with the sticker got a prize. I drew a pic of Ernie on Orange poster board complete with google eyes & black tuft of hair & placed it above the tub.

2-Throw The Trash at Oscar: was an Oscar head made on green poster board stuck to a pole with a garbage can under it & kids threw balled up news papers at him. Everyone who tried got a slimy(gummy worm).

3-Pin The Nose on Elmo: a big standing Elmo cut out on thick card board & then to that I glued red furry fabric (Jo Ann's fabrics) to make it more real like & googly eyes & black felt mouth. For the noses I cut out lots of oval shapes from sticky back orange felt. Then every child just had to peel the felt & stick it. In the end we had  an Elmo pull string piniata.

ENTERTAINMENT: I had a SS CD playing in the background & the kids kept themselves pretty busy with the inflatable crayons. I also had a bubble maker turned on which the kids loved. I also made personalized coloring books. I bought SS coloring books at the dollar shop which I separated to make a couple out of every book (they were pretty thick). On my comp I then downloaded SS alphabets from their website. I made the front page for the coloring books by using the SS alphabet for the child's name e.g D (SS alphabet) is for Danial. The parents really liked these. I then put these in alphabetical order on the front table along with loads of crayons. I also had my brother dressed up as Elmo who brought the kids candies in a large red basket & also was present during cake cutting.

DRESS CODE: most of the people went with the red theme & wore red which made it look really cute. My son was dressed in black curdroy pants, a red plaid shirt & a red & black vest.

FOOD: was served by the resturant which was middle eastern. The cake was a full sheet cake from Dominick with a road on it & Elmo in his car being towed by Big Bird. I told them to add the words can u tell me how to get to, how to get to SS

GOODIE BAGS: I found great little back packs with Elmo on them on ebay. I put a SS watch, a bag of gold fish crackers & a couple of Hershey chocolates wrapped in personalized Elmo stickers (ebay) saying ______2nd BD & the thank u for coming. For the babies I got small red canvas tote bags (Micheals) for only a dollar each & then just wrote their names on it with acrylic paint to make it more personalized. I put in an Elmo plate, SS disposable sippy cup, a small toy & the gold fish crackers & Hershey candy. The older boys got other age appropriate (non Elmo) stuff in their bags. I also gave out a real gold fish (petmart, only 12cents each) in a small fish bowl (walmart only 88cents each).I also put a small gift box ornament in each fish bowl. I also gave out packages of gold fish food along with a care sheet (petmart). I didn't want the fish to starve. 

All in all it was a nice party & I'm really thankful to this website where I got most of my ideas.

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