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Sherri in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania


April 2007


Special Mention

I decided to have a Sesame Street birthday party for my two year old's second birthday. Amazingly enough, this was a big hit even with the older kids.  I ordered Invitations off of ebay. They were phrased: Come & Play, everything's A Okay, at Hannah's Sesame Street Birthday Bash. At the bottom of the invite, it said brought to you by the Letter H and the Number 2. We rented a party hall for the occasion. This was nice because ther was more than enough room for the kids to run around and have fun.

DECORATIONS: I made a lot of decorations by hand, and purchased almost nothing when it came to decorations. I used poster board like doubled or tripled and drew all of the characters I made them life sized. I drew a huge Sesame Street sign, A Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie, Oscar the grouch, the count, zoe, elmo, super grover, Each one of these were about 5 feet tall. I painted them with poster paints. These really took a lot of time and patience. Each character took hours. I also made a bunch of filler" decorations by cutting out Large H's and 2's. I just placed these where ever an area looked bare. I bought sesame street plates cups and napkins as well as blowouts and elmo party hats. I set the room up in stations. I used tables to designate the three areas. Each with a corresponding color table cloth.

When you entered the door you were greeted by a Large hand made Big Bird. I made him by taping multiple pieces of poster board together (I used clear packaging tape because it was strong enough to hold the weight. I say weight because the Big Bird was about 10 feet tall. I used 2 Large pieces of styrofoam taped to the back to support him and keep him upright.  We actually secured him to a barstool he was then placed by the entrance. He was made holding a wide sign that said Welcome. Inside the room to the right there were red footprints (made out of felt) taped to the floor leading up to Elmo's World. In Elmo's World there was an Elmo Pinata and a small Elmo's world tent for the little kids to play in… both purchased at Oriental Trading. Also We had a large blow up Elmo that you plug into an outlet(Also purchased at Oriental Trading) He was sitting on a card table to make him appear bigger and more importantly to keep the kids from grabbing him.

On that table we also had a small CD player with a disc which we made that was full of Sesame Street songs  Elmo's World also had a table with dozens of color sheets at a bunch of thick sturdy crayons along with a three foot tall pedistal made from poster board with a dorothy on top.  There were then blue felt footprints going to the left leading up to "Cookie Corner" Cookie Corner was not anywhere near as involved as Elmo's world but it was just as neat.

There was a sign on the table that read Cookie Corner and a very large cookie monster head and bust with a hole cut from his mouth. I made him out of a piece of cardboard that was about 5 or 6 feet by about 3 1/2 feet. All the was was a head and chest so you can imagine how big and fat he was. This was a game for the kids to play in which they would fling cookies into Cookie Monster's ready mouth. The opening for his mouth was as big as two loaves of bread. This had to be so that it was possible to get the cookies in from a distance. I had him leaning up against the table and had a small tv tray in front of him on which I placed a small cookie sheet and cheap spatula and an oven mit. I made cookies out of tan felt I cut two pieces out and put a little bit of stuffing inside along with a few pennies for weight. I hot glued these and the were perfect for "slinging" into Cookie Monster's open mouth. The object of the game was to put on the glove and standing behind a line see how many cookies you could feed to Cookie.

Cookie Corner also had two plates of cookies made in the shape of H's and 2's and were frosted with bright blue frosting. On the floor again there were green footprints following up to Oscars Corner. For Oscar's corner I made a sign that said Oscar's Trash Toss. I bought a clear plastic trashcan (I wanted galvanized but couldn't find any. I covered my trash can with cheap tinfoil and used clear packaging tape to secure it. I then drew on the lines and marked the trim with a black sharpie marker.

For the inside I made an oscar out of a green furry material. I sewed a head onto shoulders and then cut out two hands and hotglued them to the inside of the can hanging over the edge just a bit. I used felt and hot glue for the eyes and mouth (and grouchy brown eyebrow) I stuffed oscars head and attached him to a piece of dowel rod. This was a game too. You had to see how much trash you could get into oscar's can. I saved a few items like empty soda cans plastic bottles and crumpled newspaper. I also placed crumpled newspaper and trash on his table along with two plates of gummy worms (to represent slimy worm). I set up 6 tables for people to eat at.

Each table had an Extra-large Character balloon. These balloons were about 3 feet tall Each was on a table with a corresponding colored table cloth. The balloons were purchased from Ebay and were Oscar with a green table cloth Zoe with a pink table cloth big bird with a yellow table cloth bert and ernie with an orange table cloth super grover with a dark navyish table cloth and Cookie Monster with a blue table cloth.

FOOD: we simply served HotdogsHamburgers chips and Potato salad. The hit of the party for kids and parents alike was the cotton candy machine. We rented it from a local party supplier for less than 50 dollars and it was a lot of fun. It is amazing to see adults turn into kids. They all wanted to play with the cotton candy maker.

CAKE: I had a friend make the cake it was two tiers and she used circular wooden discs that had sesame street stikers as decoration and there was a top piece that was a resin cookie monster wearing a party hat holding a box with the number 2 on it. It was really cute.  At the close of the party we did the pull string elmo pinata and the children received their party bage that contained everything from whistles to play doh.

The party was a great success. The little kids walked around in amazement amost like it really was sesame street! I have had compliments about it ever since. Now they can't wait to see what the next party brings! -ding -ding round two…."

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