Rugrats Party

Rugrats Party - Giant Rugrats Board Game




Yvette in St. George's, Bermuda


August 2000



When my daughter turned five last year, we had a Rug-Rat party for her. 

I took a queen size white sheet and drew a life size broad game on it.  I had all the Rug-Rats on the game.  To move from one square to another, I found a large dice that was used to roll out the numbers.  If you got number one, you moved to start.  If you got three, you moved three squares.  And so on.  It was just like playing a large Shoots and Ladders.  I had some squares that were blank and some square that asked you to either miss a turn or move back one or two spaces or move forward one or two spaces. 

As the children arrived for the party, I let them write their names all over the sheet where there were empty spaces.  I took me a few weeks to make this game.  I traced the pictures of the rugrats from different coloring books that I had found.

Once we got a winner, they were able to choose a toy out of a grab box that I had decorated in rugrat paper.  The game was so much fun, that to this day, people still ask me if the can borrow the game.

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