Rugrats Party

Rugrats Party -4yr- Angelica (Simon) Says




Ann Lee in Jacksonville,NC USA


February, 2000



RUGRATS pARTY: We did the following for my 4-year-olds birthday with the Rugrats theme: 

Rugrats cake made with the Wilton cake pan(can easily use round or oval pans for character faces instead), Dil Pickles,  Phil and Lil's worms(gummy), Spikes Punch, Chuckie's Chicken, Tater Tots, Cookies and cream ice-cream, and Rugrats cookies.

Everyone loved the food and the grown-ups appreciated the puns!

We played pin the tail on Rapter (which we made and then laminated for future fun), Phil and Lil's hide under the musical chairs (Like reg. musical chairs but the kids crawled around and hid under which was great because we had a few younger kids---just warn before hand to be careful and not bump heads.

We used the Rugrats movie soundtrack for the music), and Angelica says (like Simon says). We all had a blast!

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