Rubber Ducky Party

Rubber Ducky Party -1yr- Bubble Pop Game




Lisa in Baltimore, MD USA


August 2001


Special Mention

For my son's first birthday, We had a Rubber Ducky party.  I started by ordering the invitations, plates, napkins and cups from birthdayexpress.com.  I also purchased a bunch of rubber duckies, and used them for decorations as well as games. 

For other decorations, I cut out large ducks from cardstock and wrote "Happy 1st Birthday!" and taped them to the walls.  I decorated with balloon bunches in yellow and blue.  We had a plastic bucket full of rubber duckies, and we put rubber duckies on the food platters.  We filled a punch bowl with blue raspberry punch and had floating rubber duckies in that too.  In addition to some light brunch food, we also served duck shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I used a large cookie cutter to make the shapes) and duck shaped cookies. 

I also dipped Oreos in light blue candy coating, then pressed a small candy duck (from a local cake supply store) onto it to make it look like a duck on a bath bubble.  They were delicious and got rave reviews!  I filled yellow beach buckets with Chex Mix and wrote on each bucket "duck feed."  The kids laughed at the thought of eating it, and they gobbled it down.  I had a cake made at a local grocery store that was a bathtime theme, and I placed a rubber ducky on top. 

For games, we played "Rub-a-dub-dub Pin the Ducky on the tub."  For this game, I used a coloring book picture to trace a bathtub scene on a piece of posterboard and colored it with markers.  In the center, I drew a large circle as a bath bubble.  Then I printed out duck clipart pictures from the computer and glued them onto yellow cardstock.  Then the kids (ranging in age from 1-5) each tried to pin their duck into the center of the bath bubble.  They loved it!  

The next game we played was "throw the sponge in the bucket."  I found duck shaped sponges at my local discount store for the sponge toss.  The kids liked that a lot, too. 

The third game was an "everybody wins" game.  I took all the rubber duckies and wrote either a 1, 2 or 3 on the bottom.  Then I had 3 bags filled with small prizes.  The kids each picked a duck and then got to pick a prize out of the corresponding bag.   

The last and most fun game we played was "Pop the Ducky Bath Bubbles."  I had decorated a large 10 gallon Rubbermaid storage tub with cardstock ducks, and filled it with bubble wrap so that it looked like a big bathtub full of bubbles.  When it was "bathtime," we all pulled the bubbles out and the kids had a blast jumping all over the bubble wrap to pop the bubbles.  I played the song "Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath" while they jumped around and had fun popping.  The video of this is hysterical, even my one year-old was trying to jump up and down. 

When each guest left, they got goody bags filled with duck-shaped whistles, ducky necklaces, animal crackers, goldfish, and a ducky coloring page that I made on the computer from a clipart picture.  The party was a big success and I got soooo many compliments.  My favorite part was watching my 1 yr old light up whenever he saw one of "his" ducks, and how he learned to say "quack quack quack" at his party.

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