Rodeo Party

Wild West Cowboy -5yr- Saloon Picture & Frame




Samantha in Chattanooga,TN  USA


April 2001


Honorable Mention

My mom bought my 5 year old a "Real Cowboy" outfit when she took a vacation to Mexico, which he wears all the time when I went on line to look for Birthday supplies we came across the Wild West partyware at Party Works and inspired us to have a western party theme.

We used the invitations that matched the partyware and on the back we added "WANTED Cowboys and Cowgirls to attend a wild west Showdown. Join us for: Cake, ice cream, chips, and hotdogs & chili around a campfire. Lots of activities & games set to a western theme-- (\*Optional\* If you have any western attire dress the kids up.

One of the activities will be to make a wild west photo frame. We will take a picture of them to give as a keepsake)See Y'all Soon.   We decorated w/ the wild west table cover, red & blue streamer, balloons, a boot cutout over one table, the piñata as a center piece on one table, and a boot foil fringe on the other. 

We hung Wanted signs all around w/ the kids who were attending pictures had a wild west party banner (from printsville)and the peanut banner that matched the plates, cups etc.  As each guest arrived we gave out deputy badges my son had a sheriff badge, then we took a picture of them in there western attire on the spring rocking horse.

After they had there picture taken we had them to get started on there photo frame(8"x11" red, blue & yellow card stock cut in-half then in-half again to get 4 squares then used oval template in center to make frame)the children put various cowboy style stickers around it. 

After all the guests arrived we ate hotdogs chili w/slaw and chips we also had refried beans, cheese dip, tortilla chips, lettuce, tomato.

After we ate we sang happy birthday and ate cake. I ordered the wild west sugars that looked like the partyware from the Party Works and took a plate to our local baker and had them to airbrush the background scene from the plates on the cake and write "Sheriff Nat" it was very pretty we also had a large cookie made w/ a cowboy boot, star, and cactus. He opened the gifts then after that the kids broke the cowboy boot Piñata and I handed out goodie bags to put the candy in.

We had already put in the goody bags: sherrif badge, watergun, harmonicas and wild west blow out.

Then we built a bonfire and roasted marshmallows when they got tired of that we played pin the tail on the cowboy from(Printsville) when the photos came back from the one hour shop I put their photo in the frame and they took them home as a party favor every one had a rootin' tootin' good time!!

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